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  1. Hi everyone. My kids are/have been my whole life and I let myself go. I am overweight. I have some health issues going on, I would love to walk/run a 5k in October for Breast Cancer, and my daughter is getting married in February and I would like to look nice and feel good at her wedding. I just got my diet plan now onto exercise. I have never tried running before. I don't even exercise. I NEED TO and today is the day I am going to change my life. Day 1. I have lots of questions for those who have been on this journey for a while (getting fit - Losing weight - just being healthier etc..) I a
  2. Good luck to you HethersHealth. I am starting today. I also want to run/brisk walk a race in October for Breast Cancer. I am obsessed also so I need to get healthy.
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