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  1. I got a new phone on week 3 but couldn't find a way to transfer the data. I just clicked each of the runs that I'd done so that it showed the next correct run day. I had all my previous runs recorded on MapMyRun so I wasn't too worried.
  2. At the end there's a message screen, click on the Facebook icon and it will post to your account. If it's the first time it will ask you to log in. Same thing for Twitter.
  3. Forgot to say, don't watch the clock. Hide it on your phone and the treadmill. Rely on the sound prompts on the app. It makes a massive difference mentally.
  4. Wow! You're certainly going for it. Although running 5K seems like an impossible task at the moment, you will end up surprising yourself. When I started, I was just like you. I thought I'd never get to day 2, let alone the end! I quickly realised that my body was more able than I gave it credit for and my mind needed to keep quiet and stop thinking that I couldn't do it. I celebrated my first 5K Parkrun (and a significant weight loss) by buying some new running tights! You can repeat days when you need to by just clicking on the day again, the program will check that you want to wipe the previous data, just click yes. Good luck, you'll get there!
  5. Me too! My husband has even told me to 'just go for a run' when I was particularly grumpy one afternoon, just because he knew I'd come back in a better mood!
  6. We have a cheaper version which doesn't blend hard fruit and veg like apples and carrots. My sister's Nutribullet does everything and I wish we'd bought one but it was over double the price of ours.
  7. It's good to have something to aim for! I did my first 5K at the end of week 7. I ended up doing 3 short walks, but it didn't matter as I managed to complete it. 3 weeks later I managed to run all the way and knock over 2 minutes off my time. Signing yourself up for a 5K will mean that you give yourself a target but don't injure yourself by demanding too much of yourself in the process. Good luck!
  8. It's amazing how persuasive those little beeps are and how much you can do when you set your mind to it. Slow down if you must, but keep plodding. Before you know it, you'll be running 5K!
  9. Look how many calories are in your favourite naughty snacks. Then work out how far you'd need to run to work off the same number of calories. It suddenly doesn't seem so appealing anymore!
  10. Did my first 5K Parkrun 3 weeks ago and managed to complete it in 34:42 with 3 short periods of walking. At the time I was on week 7 of the program. When I graduated I did 30 minutes of running on 4 mornings each week. Fast forward 3 weeks and I did the same Parkrun route in 32:30, no walking and didn't want to collapse in a heap at the end of it! Speed and stamina are obviously building with time. Have started the 10K training during my weekend runs. Determined to run the local 10K race in April.
  11. I pushed through and I finished about a month ago. I've noticed that, since I finished, I'm gradually getting faster. I think it's because I know I can finish so I've started to up my pace.
  12. Was looking at settings on the 10K one and you can send the screen to sleep. Not sure about the 5K as I've deleted it now to make some space on my phone.
  13. I started when my son was 6 months and my supply didn't drop. Just make sure you run soon after a feed rather than just before- less painful!
  14. It's amazing what effect the group of runners around you has. I did my first 5K before I'd finished the programme but managed to do it in under 35 mins despite 3 short walking periods. Everyone around you encourages you and you become more competitive than you thought you were! Good luck.
  15. My version (free one running on an iPhone 5c) has a lock facility on the app, there's a picture of a padlock which you press and it keeps counting, you can hear all of the voice prompts and it won't change if you touch the screen. Display does stay on with a kind of sunshade effect over it. Might be worth updating your app as this only appeared recently.
  16. On the free version there isn't a way to do it. I use Mapmyrun. It's another freebie!
  17. Bless your perseverance! I'd take a rest day every other day, your body needs time to repair and recover. Try to do other stuff on the 'rest' days like swimming, cycling or walking. You'll still get your exercise fix but you'll be working different sets of muscles.
  18. Final day of C25K today and I finished it despite setting off at the pace of an escaped animal. Whoops, slightly overconfident in my abilities and thought I was going too fast so when my GPS said I was going at over 6mph I thought I ought to slow down! I've got into a really good routine with morning runs and my next goal is to keep this routine going as I return to work on Monday after 8 months of maternity leave. My next goal will be a 10K next April. The C25K program has been fab, encouraging but reining me back so I didn't do too much.
  19. Not too bad. I walked about 2km back to my car afterwards and I think that helped. Next time I want to run all the way and not be tempted to walk.
  20. Having taken up the C25K whilst nursing I suggest you run just after a feed, less painful than when you're full of milk. Good way to get some 'me time' while someone else takes care of the baby. Good luck!
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