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  1. I just completed Week 4 Day 3 and I think I need to do this entire week over again. The three minute runs are barely manageable, but much longer than that and my chest starts burning. It just gets worse and worse, I totally lose control of my breathing, and my form turns into basically a controlled fall while I check the time constantly because every 15 seconds feels like more than a minute. On top of all that, my nose starts running like a faucet so I have to run with a handkerchief in my hand the whole time so I can stem the flow. I feel like my body is telling me "No. You cannot run for more than three minutes. Or else."
  2. Not within an hour, but I have a stomach problems that means stuff sits around for hours/days. I'll try watching my intake 24 hours before a run and see if that changes anything. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone else have this problem? Running gives me the world's worst heartburn. We did Week 1 Day 1 last week and I was starting to worry I was having a heart attack it was so bad a few hours later. Did Week 1 Day 1 again today and it's almost as bad. I've tried all sorts of antacids and reflux meds and nothing helps. My doctor just shrugged and said it was really weird and they've never heard of that problem before. I'm not running in constricting clothing or anything so I'm not sure what else to do.
  4. Did our first run yesterday. I have a whole lot of limitations, I'm not actually expecting to be able to run marathons, but we did our first run yesterday. I'm running on the beach with my dog because it's the only surface that doesn't shred his feet or make my knees balloon up. I'm sure dry sand isn't the easiest surface to run on, but for us it works. I am 32, skinny fat, with an autoimmune disease that causes the stupidest issues. I can't process dietary fiber so my intake of it has to be extremely low, no fresh fruit/veggies and limited cooked stuff most of the time. I have discoid meniscuses in both knees, tried surgery for one and it didn't help. I have restrictive lung disease, my pulmonologist says it's not asthma and I'm ok to run. I have exercise-induced acid reflux, which is the most ridiculous health problem ever. I'm pretty sure my body wants to be fat. My dog is currently in physical therapy for chronic lower back pain, and his physical therapist has encouraged us to start beach running to help him build strength. He has had very delicate paw pads for several months, and has lost a lot of muscle while waiting for them to heal. We do competitive sheep herding, lure coursing, and we are starting dock diving and barn hunt classes soon. He is ten years old and I want to keep him as fit and healthy as I can for as long as I can.
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