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    Thanks guys - yes azatol my dream is just to complete a 5km run first - then improve my times. But I'm starting to enjoy running and as I get fitter I might extend to 10km although that is way down the track. It was beyond my wildest dreams 8 weeks ago I would get capable of doing a 5km run but now I'm running 28 mins I think realistically I can get to 5km. Medals definitely not a consideration - just personal development . Thanks again
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    I will get it done Monday. I have to be able to run 5k by January 1st. I will not walk any of this race. My goal anyways. Ruthie. Now that we're neck and neck it's giving me a little more accountability. Having fun with it. Good job on your run ruthie
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    Back to c25k

    Finished it back in July. Then went onto the 10k upgrade. Sadly at 5.5miles a few runs short of the six miles I had a heart atack. So, one stent and ten weeks later, tomorrow the rehab people have said I can start running again if I go back to the beginning. Pretty sure I'm gonna give the 10k a miss until next summer, I feel so unfit again but i have a run buddy (the missus) now to make sure i don't get into trouble again.
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    Motivation required

    Good going speeding sloth ! If you flick around you'll see lots of my posts about me running very slowly but I'm on week 8 now doing 28 mins still only about 4km in that time. Heaps of great answers from regulars like Azatol, Ruthie, Anne, KellyAnn ...... Endurance first ...... Then either work on speed which naturally will increase distances, or extend from 5km to the next distance (10km) but that's too much for me at this time, so my plan is to get to 30-35 min and work at speed to 5km for my first race. Good luck !
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    Accountability Support Desired

    Michellejoy - how are you going with your journey?
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    Accountability Support Desired

    Ok. So I finally downloaded this app and I must have accountability. My goal is to keep the thread active and post at least every other day. You see, I get started, I quit, for no reason. At least that's what I've told myself. I'm 100 lbs over weight. I don't look it according tobmost, "yeah, right!Pictures say otherwise". Anyway, I really want to lose weight, get healthy and look amazing. I want to jog/run in time, that's why I'm here. Most importantly, I want accountability with someone Serious.
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    Struggling with W3

    Week 4 was when I started repeating sessions Anne but then week 5 was pretty good. Sounds like you are progressing easily
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    Anne Lang

    Getting hurt is part of the game

    I am praying that this works for you. I believe in the intersession of saints so I will be praying to St Rocco for your knee
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    Anne Lang

    Mom of 4 trying to get in shape

    some gyms have day care then u could run on treadmill or strength train if it is in your budget or maybe get a high school kid to sit for you while you get a run in
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    Uh oh!!!

    I would go back and complete the program in order for several reasons. 1) I can't feel like I completed something if I didn't do it in it's entirety. I want to be able tro say I completed C25K and know I did it all. 2) You are running distances your body is technically not properly conditioned for 3) There is never any benefit in skipping ahead in training. You're just denying yourself part of the training. Why would you want to deny yourself training? Training is win!
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    Your question can only be answered with a question. Do you want to run a faster 5k or do you want to run a 10k? If 5K is the longest distance you wan to run (and there is nothing wrong with that), then you want to start speed work. If your desire is to run longer distances than you need to slowly nudgle up your long run and weekley mileage The good news is you will naturally get faster at 5K races if you increase your distance because 5K becomes an easier distance to run and when we don't need to tax ourselves cardiovascularly,. it's easier to run quicker. I went the direction of distance but kept doing 5K races anyway. I am by no means fast but I've gone from a 35 minute 5k to a 26 minute 5K just naturally over time as I built distance. I'm still as tired and sore after a 5K race as I used to because now that I am able to run 4 times the distance, I'm able to put forth more effort for the 5K distance thus running faster. You can still do distance running and speed work. The only time you need to clearly focus on speed work is if you have dreams of medalling in 5K races. I don't care if I win. I just care if I beat my previous best time. PR's(Personal records) are where it's at for me.
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    I think you need to copy Azatol he seems to have the right program going
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    Halfway there and Haven't Quit Yet!

    Haha Anne, actually, my adventurous side has been cured for a while... sticking to the straight and narrow at least for the next run.
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    Hello Anne and Azatol it has been raining here in Zaragoza (Spain) since last night, the mountains are full of mud and as I went with my Lina (I always take my german shepherd for a run, she just runs free off leash and chases rabbits..), I just decided to go back as I didn't want her to get dirty, thankfully, I have a treadmill my husband bought me for a birthday I had a month from giving birth, I kept telling him to buy me one as i had gotten too fat, almost two years on I finally used it for over a mile for the first time today
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    Halfway there and Haven't Quit Yet!

    I am left handed too! Anyway... Came back from W6D2 and first-time-ever-in-my-runner-shoes. Of course me being me, I could not make myself do my old route round and round my street, and had to go and face the hill again. First ten minutes were really easy, but really really easy. I thought it was a bit strange (maybe the fact that part of it was down hill and only part was uphill was the reason for the ease). The second ten minute run started at the bottom of the steep incline and I felt it right away. When I made it to the top I couldn't believe I had, and was seriously drained but did not give up. I kept running but I was worried because since this street is also circular, I was running towards the incline again and I didn't feel like doing it again... so I thought I would be smart, and take a shortcut....In between the circular streets we have steps and or zigzag paths for pedestrians. I thought I could run up a zig zag path, up to my street thus save myself the steep hill again. BIG mistake.... turns out I started this zigzag only a couple of minutes before the end of the run, and it also turns out that it was as steep as stairs at the end, so I walked for about 30 seconds at the very end... by that time, both my calves were cramping (as opposed to in my old shoes, when only my left calf would cramp :-)) but I still made myself run the last minute... so that I wouldn't feel as bad about walking the few seconds that I did. (walking? It was more like crawling...) Anyway, new shoes are interesting in a good way. I am not used to having any space in my running shoes, or to my feet moving at all but I will get used to that. My left calf didn't cramp at all, like it usually does, except when the right one did too, which means that the shoes are correcting whatever it was that was giving me a hard time....
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    Anne Lang

    the chocolate adict

    thanks Azatol! Today I woke up at 4:30 don't know why Did my get ready for work stuff and get the teen up stuff had to be in early because of staffing issues so no pre work run and again only half a break today so I did w4d1 after work. It wasn't to hard a little legg cramp somewhere in the 5 min run then it went away also I didn't hear begin walking after last run so I was still running when she said one min left so yep kept running and then she said begin your cool down and I was like why what I want to keep going but I began my cool down anyway. Now because dinner is cooked and eaten kids are occupied and this day has been so long I am sitting on my couch in my pjs in full couch potato mode
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    How to prevent injuries

    I got Patellofemorol Pain Syndrome(Runners Knee) in both knees right after I finished the C25K program. Wasn't the programs fault. I ran down 100 concrete stairs(running down stairs is the worst thing in the world for your knees) on my first "free" run after compleitng the program. Nearly a month of no running. Got scared and purchased the program because he comes highly reccomended by the owner of the website who helped me on my massive journey to lose weight and become fit (and I have). I trust Jason and have confidence in the program. My only other injury was Runners Knee a second time in august. This was caused by 3 weeks of limping after my knee surgery so again was a unique situation. I have never experienced any other injury. Is it because of the injury prevention program? Just luck? Would I have been injured had I not gotten the program? Who knows. I just know I trust this guy on running 100% and it's served me well so far.
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    Mom of 4

    Mom of 4 trying to get in shape

    Thanks for the encouragement! I don't run outside not because I don't feel comfortable. It's more a safety issue, the only time I have is in the early morning hours. Because I homeschool my kids and have a child with autism who goes to school, my schedule is very full. I want to run outside as I want to have the different scenery, but I can't do it at a reasonable time. Im taking the attitude of trying to work within my situation instead of giving excuses as to why I can't. Thanks you again you have given me food for thought.
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    Struggling with W3

    Great to hear someone like me finished! It's hard to imagine I'll get there but I'm taking one session at a time. Well done to you
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