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    I been in Disneyland neglecting my program. Hope to get back to it.
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    Silver Pie

    Foam Roller

    I took a yoga class two or three years ago and I have to agree. It is a lot harder than it looks.
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    Yeah, I'd do the same thing. I have a habit of pushing when I shouldn't, which made a tennis elbow take much longer to heal than it should of. Then, shoulder tendinitis that took longer because I overdid things. I've finally learned my lesson :-)
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    Hi there, Well, I did power yoga 3+ times a week from a "formal exercise" standpoint, but no cardio. I also did daily walks with the dog, and consider myself active in general. But first time I got onto that treadmill, literally after 30 seconds I wanted to give up. I think that people can call themselves physically fit, but when it comes to running for first timers it feels like any fitness built up has gone out of the window :-)
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    Quick question for you. I know your post was from February but I am hoping you are still around... when you started, were you in "decent" shape or an absolute couch potato? You said your fitness level was "average", what exactly is average? Thanks!
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    Foam Roller

    Here’s one more video. This video is more of what I am looking for from foam rolling. There are so many. It’s a lot to sort through but I think it’s worth studying to find what works best. My daughter suggested yoga too. I have gone to a yoga class. It is a LOT harder than it looks lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw2sQK3rzG0
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    Foam Roller

    I never heard of one either. Two of my runner friends both recommended using one. Here’s a video that shows one set of exercises using a roller. Going to give it a whirl.
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    I am beginning to think that I may need to rest my legs for a while. It's so disappointing but the pain is telling me to stop pushing. I'll definitely work the incline on my treadmill and when I am back to running I'll transition slowly over to being outside. Thank you for the info!