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    Mellow yellow

    Weightloss and Park runs.

    I've joined up to lose some weight, I've put on around 40lbs since my wedding in 2017 and need to sort myself out to get in better shape, I've done casual runni g before but never kept it up, hopefully c25k can keep me on track. I'm sound 207lbs now and looking to get down to 160ish and get some regular park runs in over summer. I'm a bit of a yoyoer so really going to give this my best shot.
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    C25K on my elliptical

    Week 1 day 2 Yesterday I did day 2 of week 1 on my elliptical. First I didn't want to do it because I'm not a very sportive person but I am glad that I did it. I want to finish this program on my elliptical. Maybe when I lose some weight and my body is in better shape I will going to like sport but for now it's still difficult. I feel like I have no energy. But I will finish it. And I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible. Well tomorrow I will do day 3. Kamille.
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    Silver Pie

    Training for April 5k

    I got the c25k app so I could run a 5k near the end of April. I repeated weeks 1 and 2, but I'm determined to stay with week 3 all this week. I don't know that I will repeat any weeks from here on, but I will only run as long as I can, even if that means on the last day of the last week I am running 2 minutes and walking 2 minutes. Saturday, I decided to do a long "run" that was at least half dirt road. I used the Nike app to track my distance because it seems to be way more accurate. The route was nearly 5K. Obviously, the c25k app stopped before I was done. Today, I missed the dirt road that leads to Main Street, and I ran/walked several minutes before I realized my mistake. I ended up going almost 6 k. It took me over an hour. I will probably not make that mistake again, but it was nice to know I could go that far. At this point, most of my runs consist of walking more than running. In any case, I'm really glad to have the c25k app, and the Nike app. I think they complement each other.
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    Here (again) after a health scare

    Hi all you runners! I went to my doctor on Wednesday thinking everything was fine, after a 40 min walk even and was told: 1. I had high blood pressure. 2. It wasn't a fluke 3. I now have to take meds for it. 4. I'd better loose a lot of weight. That set me back a bit. The last time I was consistently active was 5 years ago when I was doing 5k training. So here I am again, this time I am doing the 10k training because I figured I'd better keep training until...well actually I'd better not ever stop training. I am glad to be able to be here.
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    My goals for 2019 1). To continue my weight loss journey with the goal of losing 10lbs per month or 100lbs total for the year 2). Continue to develop and grow the love that I have for myself 3). To complete at least thee 5k walks or runs for charities I support 4). To meditate and pray daily, along with becoming more involved in my church and scripture readings 5). To just be happy and to live my life to the fullest.
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    Mellow yellow


    Hi there, I'm Dan I'm 36 years old and did my first c25k this morning, looking forward to progressing with this and hopefully doing some regular park runs in the future.
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    Training for the Bubble 5k

    Started training yesterday for the Bubble Run on 4/20. Glad to be here and meet others.
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    Completed the program!!! It works.

    It took me a bit longer than the actual plan most likely since I am a former smoker. Tonight I completed 3.2 miles and I have lost 25lbs in the process.
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    Completed C25K

    Being over 40 years of age and around 260 lbs on the wrong side of scale had completed the C25K program 3 weeks back. Infact did a local marathon for 5K where same was completed in 55:07 mins:sec last year and current was completed in 36:04 mins:secs. And today I am 210lbs and definitely faster due to the app. Though didnot lose the entire weight due in the time using C25K app but definitely accelerated the weight loss. Had never believed that I would be able to run/jog entire 5K ever in my life and was able to do so and surprised a lot of people. Now the next goal for next year is sub 30 min 5K and a 10K.
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    Silver Pie

    Training for April 5k

    Today begins week 6 for real. I tried week 4 day 1, but running 3 minutes, then 5 minutes was too much. I stopped the run, reset it, then finished it doing day 1 week 1. The upside is that that day was a lot easier this time around. When I began the first time, I couldn't run for a whole minute more than once iirc. Today's run (after I reset the app) was almost easy. I think part of why it's taking me so long is that I'm running up hills during the first half of the run. Not super steep, and not tall at all, but enough so I have to work harder. I could start in the direction that is downhill, but then I'd be running uphill when I'm tired. I can do this. WE can do this!
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    WorthIt4Life Mj

    Hi MJ, I'm new here too. Also on a weight loss journey but closer to the start. I have 80 lbs to go. It sounds like you have done a lot of hard work to get where you are now. Keep working away at it. The c25k program is awesome for getting you to your goal in little steps. You can do it!
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    My name is Anne-Maree and I have started today. I currently weigh 111kgs. I am hoping to be able to run 5 km in 30 minutes before August as I am going for my black belt. I have been training in kempo fo the last 4 years and am trying to challenge myself
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    Training for April 5k

    " I ended up going almost 6 k. It took me over an hour." I had to chuckle when I read this. It's like when I was using my app and I swear she said "begin running"... ummm nope. So I was running and omg kept thinking come on tell me to walk. Turns out this was the 5 minute cool down period
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    Training for 10K

    Just completed Week 10 day 1. I move fairly slowly but am amazed that combining the Running with the walking and warm-ups, I did 5 miles. Whoever thought that I could do 5 miles.
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    Training for 10K

    Super excited for launching 2019 with 10K app!
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    Tomorrow I begin

    Downloaded the app about a year ago. Started the C25K got sick and quit, no excuse. Started it again after Christmas and finished. Moved on to the 10K and I just completed one this morning, very happy I did it now I have to work on my time. At 11 min miles and know I need to improve before running one with others. Anyway new to the forums. So hello and any tips would be welcome
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    Silver Pie

    C25K on my elliptical

    I'm not using one, but I have used an elliptical before and I think it's great for someone who has knee problems. I have a knee that likes to give me problems and I've discovered that running is actually strengthening it. The great thing about "running" on an elliptical (or treadmill) is that if you get tired and want to stop, you don't have to walk all the way back home.
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    Training for 10K

    Next week I start week 9 for the c210k app!! We can do this!!
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    Training for 10K

    I just made it to 10K - would love to hear all about your progress!!! I followed the C25K then moved to 10K and followed it pretty religiously :-)
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    Silver Pie

    Static Electricity

    I don't own a treadmill but I wonder if the dry air has something to do with it? I know that winter heaters/furnaces usually dry out the air.
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    Silver Pie

    C25K on my elliptical

    Ever since I posted, it has concerned me that you might feel like I'm judging you, Kamille. I assure you that I'm very supportive of you using an elliptical. I think it's great that you're doing this!
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    New here

    Hello, Just checking out the forum. I have always loved going to the gym and working out but the last year or so has been rough... anyway I'm just starting to get back into working out from home now focusing a lot on pushups and core exercises and hope to get back into running if this Wisconsin winter ever ends. I also started to cut soda out of my diet and that is going ok. Not perfect, but much better than how it used to be. Now I need to find a cure for my sweet tooth...
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    Tomorrow I begin

    Welcome aboard! I just finished week 2 after repeating week 1. Tomorrow I'll start week 3 and see how it goes. If need be, I'll go back and repeat week 2. I really want to be successful! Good luck to both of you and let me know how it's going
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    Treadmill for now

    Treadmill Team dor the win!
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    This may sound rediculous

    https://www.armpocket.com/ Big enough to hold your phone, ID, a small key ring (one or two keys for the car or house) and you can tighten the strap as much or as little as you like. Works great with regular or wireless headphones. Hope this helps!