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    3 days a week?

    The programs are set up to train 3 times a week. Training every day could result in injury.
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    Help a newbie?

    How did the month go? I have never been a runner. I am out of shape but not overwt. I am giving it a try. Looking for encouragement
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    Help a newbie?

    I started power walking in November. I have walked 5 5k’s. Now I want to run. I am over 65 and have had both hips replaced. I plan on running my first 5k at the end of April! Although I actually started running a little 2 weeks ago I am happy to have this plan to train with. Loving This Accomplishment!!!
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    My first week had 1 min runs x 8. I did every other one and repeated week 1. Hope that helps
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    Cheryl Huggins

    Help a newbie?

    Thanks this was very helpful. I’ll be starting this tomorrow and am literally going from couch to 5k. I’m hoping to run my first 5k in November. I’m 55 and have never been a runner but have always wanted to. Wish me luck! Louisdog good luck to you too.
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    Help a newbie?

    I believe this is meant to be three days per week with a day of rest inbetween each run As for speed, you start out slow and will naturally speed up after you've finished the program. "If you can run slower, you're running too fast."
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    Last day of 2nd week SUCKED!

    So frustrated today because my run was awful! I usually do my run after work about 5pm. This morning, being a Saturday, I decided to do it around 8am. Figured maybe I’d be refreshed and ready for a good run but it was like pulling teeth. I really struggled.