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    sdbeachgirl got a reaction from KellyAnn in down 74lbs and thinking on Starting to run/jog   
    CONGRATULATIONS to you! That is a HUGE accomplishment! And Insanity is NO JOKE! Keep up the good work
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Suzey Q in Mudderella Motivation   
    I'm a 19 year old CNA and SPN.
    I have gained an overwhelming 75 pounds after a stressful year and poor diet. I am no longer going to let myself give up On becoming healthy.
    In May my sisters and I are running in Mudderella NY/NJ to support awareness and prevention of domestic abuse. I desperately want to be able to complete it without struggling.
    I hope I can do this!!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to dgirard in Proper Breathing while running   
    I also am not an expert, but I have noticed it helps me a lot to breathe in through nose for 3-4 beats/steps and out through mouth for 2-3. If you let your breathing get too fast you can hyperventilate and your lungs get fatigued much faster. I've also noticed it's important to keep breathing at this rhythm when walking or otherwise you can get light headed.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to cljordan02 in running with water bottle   
    I actually use a camelbak, it has a reservoir for water and is contained inside a light weight back pack, I use it for long runs and haven't had any issues, mine also has a pocket that I use for keys, shotblocks and Gu. You should be able to find them at sporting goods stores, I purchased mine at Dick's Sporting Goods.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to felixvelariusbos in Computer Geek and Librarian to Hikers...maybe?   
    Glad to know that the jitters at least wore off for you.
    Have you really been out there? Are there any places we have to make sure we see? Neither of us have ever been out there.
    Update: I ran into an issue I wasn't expecting. I have jaw issues, and the first two days my jaw started clicking and eventually hurting every time I ran, so I wasnt keen on doing all the running and potentially aggrevating something. Tonight it seemed okay; just felt a little weird, but didn't hurt, so I think maybe it just had to get used to the movement?
    I plan on making up my lazy days by doing an extra wk1 day before moving on to wk2 and maybe get with my doctor to make sure everything is okay. This works out since it gets me aligned to the normal weeks

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    sdbeachgirl reacted to CuRv3oLoGy in down 74lbs and thinking on Starting to run/jog   
    Hello fitfam, im Debb, after being declared deceased twice because of complications related to being obese, I started to watch what I eat, and workout 2 years ago. I did insanity, and then fell in love with Zumba, and now that ive lost quite a but of weight, I now teach zumba! But I still need to lose some weight and tone up areas. Hoping joining this app will keep me motivated and push through. Hope to make some friends on here
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to bencze in Heart Rate Monitor ?   
    I was recently researching the same topic and after reading numerous websites, tests the conclusion was that if you want accurate numbers you need a chest strap. You can use other tech but then don't base your work out on those numbers as they can be quite a lot off.
    I decided for a wahoo tickr x, if anyone is wondering, not very cheap but I liked the feature sets and I will use it with strava.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to edjs31 in Tired of being over weight   
    Hi my name is Elba and new to Zen... I'm so tired off being over weight. I started August of 2014 weight at 198 with Thyroid. I freaked out because no matter what I've done I just gain weight. I decided I had enough. So the first thing I did was cut all my food intake to half and walked 1 hour a day. Once I felt my knee can handle the activity I walked stairs I alternate my routines. Finally I'm jogging I can do a mile is the most for now I will keep pushing. Now I weight 159. I got more to loose to reach my goal. I'm not gonna pat myself on the back because is the winter month and anything is possible to gain it back. It is hard to do outdoor workout due to unpredictable weather I borrow from the library Pilate and Yoga and Zumba DVDs for the days I can't go out. Just keep moving...You can do it anyone can do it! I'm 52 yrs old.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Ashley116 in Let the Wedding Preparation Begin!   
    Hello Everyone. I am very happy today because I just as I was searching google for a fitness forum I realized this app had one!
    To introduce myself. My name is Ashley, I'm 21, and getting married on July 4th this year. I am about 210 pounds and way out of shape.
    3 years ago in high school I played basketball and softball I also worked out of the gym for an hour a day lifting weights. I was never "skinny" but I ran for about 3 hours a day at practice and gym class so I was in SHAPE.
    After high school, the weight gain began. No more basketball and softball, no more mandatory gym class. I couldn't eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight anymore.
    Now, 3 years later I don't feel happy with myself anymore. I have tried C25K once before but was very discouraged by how tired I was during week one. It just feels so strange to me to run and be out of breath and have my muscles burning.
    I guess I'm just looking for support and encouragement during these next 6 months as I try and lose weight for my wedding.
    Thanks in Advance!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Timb113 in nervous of running 10k   
    R&S, don't be nervous. If you can run a 5K (no matter the speed) you are very close to being able to knock out the 10K. I would suggest that you start on week 9, and see how it goes, if you feel like backing up a week or two to feel comfortable, that's fine, as well. I wouldn't worry about getting in just two runs per week, you'll still gain the benefits if you keep on a scheduled. I think you'll be good advancing each week every nine days (or whatever your schedule allows). You may not complete the 10K program before the end of March, but you'll be close, and when you get to race day, you'll be surprised how ready your body is to make it the entire distance.
    I breath through my mouth almost exclusively when I run. I've always felt like I can't not get a deep enough breathe and don't get enough oxygen when I breath through my nose.
    Best of luck, keep us updated on your progress.
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    sdbeachgirl got a reaction from TheRoseWithin~Shannon in Ready to run!   
    I've always hated running too! But it is quite addicting, especially when you become brave enough to run in an event. BTW, don't let those intimidate you. Most of them are super fun with great energy Good luck to you and congrats on your progress so far!!
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    sdbeachgirl got a reaction from KellyAnn in Is anyone participating in the Inaugural Disneyland Star Wars Half-Marathon Weekend this weekend?   
    Oh and I almost forgot, if you are interested in any of the runDisney races and they sell out, there are usually plenty of other legitimate places to get bibs - like through Team in Training or a participating charitable organization. I just found this out recently. The charitable organizations may require you to meet a fundraising goal, but then you can feel like you're giving back instead of simply participating in these fun races for your selfish enjoyment I highly recommend them as a bucket list item. They tend to be pricey but they are worth experiencing! Plus the bling is pretty cool lol
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    sdbeachgirl got a reaction from KellyAnn in Is anyone participating in the Inaugural Disneyland Star Wars Half-Marathon Weekend this weekend?   
    You asked for it, okay I'll post pics. We havent' gotten our act together for costumes, so unless I put my hair up in Princess Leia buns, it won't be anything fancy But I'm SURE there will be plenty of fun people to take pics of
    BTW, ALL runDisney events sell out on the FIRST day of registration...so the trick is to find out WHEN registration day is
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to KellyAnn in Is anyone participating in the Inaugural Disneyland Star Wars Half-Marathon Weekend this weekend?   
    Ohhhhh I am so jealous. So wish I was there. It was sold out. Post pictures of you two. So envious it's not funny. Lol. Good luck to you two. Can't wait to hear how you did. Yay!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to NadaraForLife in Well... Here I am.   
    I keepon trying to think of things to post, but they always seem unnecessary. So i gave up on finding something to post about and decided to just say hello. I am ecstatic to meet all of you, jazzed to begin a new lifestyle, and terrified that the sweet sounding lady that lives in my phone and tells me to run will leave me in a breathless and sore heap on the local running trail. it is a pleasure to meet all of you!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to admin in 'Like This' quota   
    Hi Shannon!
    Thanks for all the positivity and enthusiasm that you bring to the forums! As requested, we have increased the number of "likes" individual members can do. Please feel free to continue to spread the good vibes and karma =). 
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    sdbeachgirl got a reaction from Missy in Lets start at the beginning - Missy's Journey :rolleyes:   
    See! You're doing great!  
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    sdbeachgirl got a reaction from TheRoseWithin~Shannon in First Day First Run ? Treadmill Speed   
    Good for you for finishing your first day!! There are no stupid questions in here - we're all here to help Go as fast as you feel comfortable, and gradually increase your speed and/or incline when using a treadmill. Best of luck to you - please keep us posted on your progress, and feel free to ask any other questions as they come up
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to debwal124 in Day 1 of week 1 completed   
    Thanks for your speedy replies. Will be getting up bright and early on Thursday morning to complete day 2
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to debwal124 in Day 1 of week 1 completed   
    Hi everyone,
    I am new to this forum and new to running. At the age of 46, I have always found an excuse not to exercise on a regular basis. I have always secretly admired those people who run. So when I was asked at work to take part in a 10K at the end of April, I initially said no and that I would never be able to run that far in a million years. I work in a fantastic team, with everyone being very encouraging and telling me that if I download a couch to 10K app, it really is achievable...........even for a middle aged woman like myself. So I set my alarm for 5.30 this morning..............unfortunately it did go off and whilst I contemplated hitting that snooze button, I knew that if I did not get up this morning and start the running programme then I never would. So pleased I got up and got on with it, even at such an early hour. I managed to complete day 1 and felt a huge sense of achievement. I know its very early days but I am determined to be able to run the 10K. For those of you thinking "is she mad" getting up so early????? For me running first thing in the morning is going to be the best time, as once I am home from work I tend to just want to chill and don't think I would be disciplined enough to go out for a run. Will keep you posted on my progress and look forward to being part of the forum and getting to know beginners like myself.
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to Whittlet2 in New year, new me!   
    Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I plan on starting today
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to CrashLN in Catch me if you can: my journey   
    I really like the idea of keeping a personal record of my journey...a way to keep track of little milestones other than the runs on the app.
    I'm a 38yo mom of 2. I completed a 10k years before I had kids, and I'd love to be able to complete that goal again.
    I am currently only running on a treadmill because a) I can do it while my young kids watch a show I hate running in cold weather and
    c) I get terrible shin splints when I run too much outside
    I do like being able to keep track of my speed on the treadmill and pushing for a faster pace
    I just completed Wk3 day1 this morning. I walk at speed 4 and run at speed 6.2 (hoping to increase that next time). I hated walking for 3 min once I found my rhythm, so I broke those intervals up into walk a min, run a min, walk a min. Much better!
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to KellyAnn in Energyxtra By Kelly Ann   
    LET's ROCK 2015!!!!
    January 20th- Just finished week 8 day 1 of ‪#‎10K‬ ‪#‎Trainer‬ on ‪#‎Android‬ with @zenlabsfitness! ‪#‎everymomentcounts‬ ‪#‎run‬ ‪#‎running‬ ‪#‎health‬ ‪#‎fitness‬
    January 18th - Hiked 4 miles in the Mountains!
    January 16th - SOO, I am down 5lbs for the week .  Husband noticed it when he came home yesterday.  Happy Day.  I am lifting weights today and Yoga!
    January 15th - Week 7 Day 2 of 10 app!  Yay and I am down 4lbs since Monday!  Go Me!  I am so excitied.  I have been carb cycling.  I am so excited!
    January 14th - http://neilarey.com/workouts/easy-daily-workout.html. My morning workout.

    January 13th - I DID IT! Just finished week 7 day 1 of ‪#‎10K‬ ‪#‎Trainer‬ on ‪#‎Android‬ with @zenlabsfitness! ‪#‎everymomentcounts‬ ‪#‎run‬ ‪#‎running‬ ‪#‎health‬ ‪#‎fitness‬

    January 12th - T25 Cardio and Weight training and Aerobics Class begins tonight. YAY!

    January 7th - So sleep deprived, slept from 10pm - 2 am, then could not go back to sleep until 5 , alarm went off at 5:30, yikes.
    SOTired, but I will do Week 6, Day 2 - 10k app, later as it warms up.

    January 6th - Small workouts here and there all day. Son stopped by, so we hung out.

    January 5th, - T25 Cardio and Weight Training

    January 6th - Week 6 Day 1 of 10k app.

    Ok, I am going to start my journal on here too, I need it myself.

    Ok, A little bit about your Moderator, One, I love being a Moderator on here. When ZenLabs asked me to be one I Jumped for Joy! It is my dream helping people and watching the Forums. I love all of you!

    I started in the fitness field in my early 30's after my youngest was born in Louisiana. I started walking with him as he cried a lot and walking would keep him quiet, Go Me! LOL.

    My Husband was in the Air Force there. When he retired Air Force we moved to Colorado where he found a computer job. That job took us overseas to Amsterdam Holland for the next almost 5 years. Oh my gosh, did we love it there and we so embraced the culture as did our boys who were 5 and 1 back then. Looking around I was the 'fat' American lady, haha. Ok a size 10, but on me that is fat as I am only 5'2" and every pound shows on me..

    So I met this English Lady who asked me to to the Gym with her, ok, I was bored so I went. WOW OH WOW, what a journey that was. I got in the best shape of my life, ever. But I was way too skinny, but Europeans loved that, seriously, hardly see a chubby Dutch person. We rode our bikes everywhere and walked. At the time I did not have a car. I ended up running every weekend in 5k's, 10k's, half marathons. It was a blast. I could drink a bottle of wine a day and not gain at all. I got into teaching and went to the States to get certified. I am AFAA, ISSA, NESTA, NAFC Certified in Fitness, Nutrition and Coaching. I worked out so hard. I loved teaching in Europe about 10x a week. Man, I had energy. HENCE, the name above, EnergyXtra. When I got a car in Holland, i had no idea at the time,but a guy from class noticed it, my license plate said nrgxtr, He is like, hey Kelly, that is so you, Energy Extra. SO it stuck. I have a personal FB page that I help my friends achieve their goals by that name too. Thats me, too much energy, I am pretty active. I run circles around some 20 year olds, lol..

    I was a size 12 little girl, sheesh, which nowadays is that a size 0000??? Only problem with that was I still myself to that standard and I am back at a size 10 now. Is that because this is where my body wants me to be? I wish I never was that skinny, but I am looking ahead.

    Ok, flash forward to now. We lived in Utah, which I hated with my life, so I went to Beauty School. Exercising in Europe is a huge social scene, in Utah, women had so many kids that they left as soon as class was over so I got lonely and went to school instead. I loved Beauty School. Then we moved to Nevada, where we live now and hubby worked in California. my boys loved our country life. Small town, 200 kids in the whole school, raised farm animals. I did teach a class at the school for a few years and I now go to a class and I do not teach anymore, only sub.

    SO of course, after all those years of teaching, i just quit. I still walked, but now I am, JUST LIKE YOU, I am human. I am as determined as you all are to lose those 20lbs., i really need to lose........so when they asked me to Moderate, I was like, heck yeah, that will help me too....

    My husband of 30 years and I eat really healthy, we just love our cocktails on the weekend way tooo much.. So we are now stopping that and eating way way better. I am already down a few pounds and I am sooooo excited for the New Year.

    Lets Do this everyone, I am as real of a person as you are, and I love that everyone helps each other on here too.. Cheering each other on. As I get older, I now want to be in the best shape I can be in and feel great... Now you know who I am .......
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    sdbeachgirl reacted to TheRoseWithin~Shannon in asthma   
    Hi Sinx!
    I do not have Asthma, yet I did find this informative, perhaps helpful for you:  Asthma-Run With It!    She, (the author) mentions some helpful tips in regards to cold weather.   
    Also, check this out for inspiration:  Paula Radcliffe has run in the Olympics for Great Britain four times in spite of suffering from Asthma.  There are many other articles in regards to what she uses and when.   I googled: Asthma and running and had fun perusing different blogs.  
    You can do it ... even if it means starting slowly.  I'm looking forward to hearing what you choose to do!  CHEERS!  
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