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I live where although it isnt freezing most the time it is a wet cold and with extremely bad asthma im worried about the cold and running. I dont want to use my inhailer if I can avoid it due to negative reactions to the medication. I dont know of any places that are inside to do this.


Any ideas??

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Hi Sinx!

I do not have Asthma, yet I did find this informative, perhaps helpful for you:  Asthma-Run With It!    She, (the author) mentions some helpful tips in regards to cold weather.  :)  

Also, check this out for inspiration:  Paula Radcliffe has run in the Olympics for Great Britain four times in spite of suffering from Asthma.  There are many other articles in regards to what she uses and when.   I googled: Asthma and running and had fun perusing different blogs.  

You can do it ... even if it means starting slowly.  I'm looking forward to hearing what you choose to do!  CHEERS!  

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