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  1. Glad to know that the jitters at least wore off for you. Have you really been out there? Are there any places we have to make sure we see? Neither of us have ever been out there. Update: I ran into an issue I wasn't expecting. I have jaw issues, and the first two days my jaw started clicking and eventually hurting every time I ran, so I wasnt keen on doing all the running and potentially aggrevating something. Tonight it seemed okay; just felt a little weird, but didn't hurt, so I think maybe it just had to get used to the movement? I plan on making up my lazy days by doing an extra wk1 day before moving on to wk2 and maybe get with my doctor to make sure everything is okay. This works out since it gets me aligned to the normal weeks
  2. Just started the program on recommendation of my best friend (which would be the Librarian) who I believe is now on week two. We're planning to a trip to Europe together and we fell in love with Kerry Way in Ireland, and while we aren't crazy enough to do it all, we want to make a day trip out of hiking it. I spent most of last year hunched over a computer, which isn't too far from my normal default and is really bad for pretty much every health in the body. I am way too anxious to do any of this at the gym, so I'm waiting till 9:00pm to go around the neighborhood when not many people will see me. Thank goodness I live in a safe neighborhood. Does anybody else get those jitters when other people see you work out? I've never minded the thought of working out, or even that people know I work out, but seeing me do it? I don't know why it freaks me out but it does. I kinda wanted to do weekly updates to keep myself on it, and if anybody else who's starting at the same time wants to post along go for it. We can stumble along together. Idk if this is the right forum for the thread, but I'm sticking to it until somebody tells me otherwise.
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