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  1. Hi my name is Elba and new to Zen... I'm so tired off being over weight. I started August of 2014 weight at 198 with Thyroid. I freaked out because no matter what I've done I just gain weight. I decided I had enough. So the first thing I did was cut all my food intake to half and walked 1 hour a day. Once I felt my knee can handle the activity I walked stairs I alternate my routines. Finally I'm jogging I can do a mile is the most for now I will keep pushing. Now I weight 159. I got more to loose to reach my goal. I'm not gonna pat myself on the back because is the winter month and anything is possible to gain it back. It is hard to do outdoor workout due to unpredictable weather I borrow from the library Pilate and Yoga and Zumba DVDs for the days I can't go out. Just keep moving...You can do it anyone can do it! I'm 52 yrs old.
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