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  1. Hey, did your knee pain get better and were you able to continue doing this program? I did week one and then decided to repeat week one since it's been a long time since I've worked out steadily, did week one day one again with no problem, but then during day two (attempt two) my knees started aching. It's now been five days and they still hurt. Hoping maybe you figured anything out lol.
  2. If I can get my fat ass off the couch and do this than you can too! (Said in what my kids call my Sargeant Mom voice ) I don't know how to inspire you, I don't even know where I found my own motivation but I know the only way to start is to just do it (Nike did not sponsor this message). So do it soldier!
  3. Silver Pie, I totally got where you were coming from. I have a friend doing this with me so we agreed to repeat week one. I'm so motivated right now I'm wanting to push so hard but I know what an injury can do to derail you so I'm slowing down a smidge lol. Thank you all for your help and encouragement!
  4. Hey I'm new here. I just finished week 1 today however I am super out of shape and very overweight so week one was very difficult. On the first day I had to walkthrough 2 and 1/2 minutes of the jogging time. Today however I was able to jog through it all it just wasn't easy and I felt like I was dying by the end LOL. My question is should I repeat week 1 since I haven't done any real cardio in many years due to injuries?
  5. This post may be long so if you take the time to read it thank you in advance. About 8 years ago I was injured at work. I did some serious damage to my left wrist and have had eight surgeries since then trying to alleviate some of the pain I was in every day. Being in so much pain I spent a lot of time on the couch just trying to deal with the pain or recover from one of my many surgeries. It was so bad I wasn't able to work since my job had been a physical one, which meant more time sitting on the couch. In October of 2015 my dad passed away suddenly which added depression into the mix of things. 11 months later my mother who was 64 years old at the time was diagnosed stage 4 triple negative breast cancer. I spent the next six months watching her wither away which only deepened my depression. I had my last surgery in February of 2017 and before my cast even came off my mom passed away and it was the most crushing horrible thing I've ever had to deal with. But after a year physical therapy my wrist has finally getting better. Shortly before I was fully released from my injury I found out I was pregnant at 36 years old. Had a rough pregnancy with lots of daily pain but got a beautiful healthy girl out of it so it's totally worth it. Now my daughter is 6 months old, I'm not in horrific pain every day, and I'm starting to deal with my grief instead of sit in it. Before all this started I really enjoyed running. I just did it for fun and I really only ran a mile at a time but it did wonders for getting into shape. So after many years and lots of weight gain I am super motivated to get back into shape. At this stage I am obese but I did week 1. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't easy, but I didn't quit and I didn't give up. I look forward to seeing where this road takes me.
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