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  1. Finding a Plan is nor that hard, neither is modifying it. But finding a voice that tells me when to run and when to walk is And i need something like a checklist... Just like in the 10k trainer. It's kind of a psychological thing, but I can't imagine I'm alone on this But thanks so much for thinking about it!!
  2. Hej Community! I'm Muenze, nearly 30 years old and I am in a serious dilemma I'm about to finish the 10k App in two weeks and I have no idea how to go on then... I started running with the app because my psychiatrist told me to. I'm suffering of severe depression and since it is evident, that aerobic sports help a lot with it I tried. I always hated running. I get bored too fast when I don't have variation, but with this app everything seems so easy... You are not stupidly running the same time every day, it's different every four times which makes it... possible for me. My life doesn't let me make the 13.1 training. I can't afford to follow an all week training plan, I have to choose my running days myself. Plus, in the 13.1 app there is no variation in the runs at all and I really need it! I don't want toning and stretching days, I just want to go on like I did since weeks --> making a little more every day. It motivates me like nothing to make it through the next stage, so progress is crucial to me. Does anyone have an idea if there is an app I could youse, to just gradually go on with my training? I've bee searching for days now and don't find any that fits I'm so scared to fall back into depression when I stop running... Thank you all so much already, Cheers
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