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  1. I've lost 82 pounds over the last 2 years, and ran a 5k with my 6 year old for her school- it was last minute and I finished in 44min... it was so tough but I have the bug and want to keep going, I was in no way prepared for it and really paid for it for up to a week after. I've never been a runner, but I've always wanted to, even if I'm not gifted I feel I would enjoy it if I could get my body more in shape. anyways! I don't even know where to start- first off, I'll need my phone when doing this- so do I need an arm band for my iPhone, or if I have a pocket to put it in, or attach it to pants? Also if I'm listening to music, and doing this, does the app interrupt and tell me to walk then run etc, or does it just ding? Are there a certain kind of headphones I need? Any settings I should have set to ON in the app? anything else I should have? Thanks!
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