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  1. Thanks shannon and kelly grate advice
  2. Kelly were do u find the board
  3. Hood luck stay positive you can do it one step at a time i took an hour long walk today back to running day two tomorow
  4. Il prob do a nice light walk tomorow and then back at it wensday
  5. I find that im holding my breath when im running ?? And then have to stop because i neec to breath any advise guys bar the obvious of try breath
  6. Thanks kelly It defo does and it is all defo in the mind once you have the motivation your half way there
  7. Just back found the app brilliant and completed the half an hour plus more so cold & raining out cant wait for tomorow now but 1st a shower haha
  8. Only in from work now and the fact that is raining is not verry encouraging
  9. Thanks timb i will do one day at a time
  10. Havent bein running sence the summer Have put on alot of waight Excited to get back into it tomorow hopefully this app will help me with my progress Any motivation deeply appreciated
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