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  1. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    I'll find out tonight and report back. Oddly enough, I can't wait til then!
  2. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    I feel like this program does that. Day one you're surprised you do it, day 2 is more of a struggle, and day 3 you blow it away. That's how it's been for me anyway. Whatever it is, I love it!
  3. Wendell


    Way to go Sean! Just curious, but do you have good running shoes? I was having a back problem and a sore knee, went to a running store where they video your form on a treadmill. Bought some really good shoes after trying different ones on. They showed me when I run, my right foot crosses over left of center, so when I run now, I try to find a crack and keep my foot on the right side of it. Oh, and no more pain. I'd really suggest having someone look at your stride. Keep it up, you're doing great!!
  4. Wendell

    Turning 50 and a new leaf!

    ChicagoGirl, how is it going?
  5. Wendell

    Brand new. Worried about winter.

    I ran yesterday and it was 40 and very windy outside. You're right Azatol, the first ten minutes were brisk, but after that I had to take off my hat and gloves because I was frying!
  6. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    I'm excited, but also a little nervous. I did w4d2 yesterday, and it was pretty rough for me. I couldn't wait to run, and was tying to coordinate it with "life", and around some nice weather we're getting this weekend. I killed the first day so I thought I could blast right through this one. I made it all, didn't stop, but I struggled. I have all sorts of excuses though. It was cold. The wind was in my face going out. I ate a big ole piece of birthday cake five minutes before lol. My high school basketball coach told me once," Excuses are the foundation of the house of failure". Meh, I just had a subpar run, but will kill the next one. No birthday cake.
  7. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    Well, after going back and forth, I did it. I signed up, so now I'm committed. I want to test myself, and this will be the last 5k until Christmas and I know we'll be out of town for that. I can't wait to see what it's like to run with a thousand or so people around you. I'm going to try to run it all, but if I can't I'll walk what I need to.
  8. Wendell


    I use Nike+ in the background and it works great. Open it, start the run on that page, then open the c25k and go.
  9. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    I'm sticking to the program.
  10. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    I've decided to run it, and if I can't run it all, I've no shame at all in walking part of it. I just finished w4d1, and I honestly think it's getting easier. I used to be really athletic, but basketball was my sport. A lot different than this.
  11. Wendell

    craving to run

    TB, no, it doesn't matter at all. I guess I had it in my own head to not run one until I could actually run all of it? I've decided I'm signing up for it, and I'm pretty excited about it!
  12. Wendell

    Turning 50 and a new leaf!

    Never too late! I'm 44, and always hated running. Now I think about it constantly and am at the end of week 3. I'm from Valpo, so I feel like we'll be indoors soon, which I hate because I really love running outside. Good luck and keep us posted!
  13. Wendell

    craving to run

    @Azatol, thank you. I tend to overdo things a bit, and being smart is more important than being impatient. You answered my question I posed in another thread. Netty, keep it up!!! Music really helps me too.
  14. Wendell


    I was sore the first week too, but it gets better. Good job!
  15. Wendell

    Brand new. Worried about winter.

    I'm in kind of the same boat. I live in northwest Indiana in the lake effect snow belt, so I'm sure I'll be indoors pretty soon. I was never ever a runner, but this program really makes it easy and enjoyable! Definitely go to a running store and get fitted for a pair of good running shoes. They make such a huge difference! Keep us posted!
  16. Wendell

    craving to run

    I feel I may be pushing it a little too much, but it's like I can't help it! I have this need to run every day. I'm only in week 3, but I can't wait to get to week 4. I also have some friends and coworkers wanting me to sign up for a 5k run/walk on Thanksgiving morning. I really don't want to do one until I know I can run all of it, but also want to just go for it. Decisions decisions lol.
  17. Wendell

    Second attempt

    Hello everyone, this is my second attempt. I quit smoking last October, and started the c25k. It was hard and I was coaching my sons basketball team at the same time. Well, I tore my calf during one of his practices, so that shut me down. I'm starting week 3, and I've noticed all I think about is running now. I got smart and bought a really good pair of shoes which helped tremendously. The part I'm struggling with, is pacing myself. I have a hard time running slow! Any tips?
  18. Wendell


    Hi Bekki! I just quit smoking after 20+ years last October. You have to get your mind to a place of, your health is more important than that next cigarette. I used Chantix, and it really worked for me. Welcome to training, and good luck to you!
  19. Wendell

    Second attempt

    It is, and it works lol.
  20. Wendell


    I would suggest to everyone for to get fitted for their first pair of shoes. I did and it was totally worth it. Tried on different pairs and settles on Sauconys. I don't remember which ones, but they feel like heaven on my feet!
  21. Wendell


    Welcome Metalman! I'm new to this myself, and 44. Lifelong smoker til last October, and trying to change my entire lifestyle. Biggest tip I can give you is, don't give up, no matter what. Set goals, and if a workout is too hard, don't move on until you do it. Usually, you need to slow down. Good for you for going for it!!!
  22. Wendell

    Second attempt

    I managed to slow down yesterday due to smarter song choices, and it surprised me how much easier it was lol. Not that it was easy, but easier than I expected because I had a little trepidation about week 3. I think if I'm smart about it, I've got this!
  23. Wendell

    Your PUSH song(s)?

    Under and over it by five finger death punch
  24. Wendell

    Second attempt

    I do, and I almost have to do that. But songs that give me a comfortable pace, or start off as comfortable, wind up gassing me before I'm done running, lol. I need to try some different genres maybe? Heavy metal isn't working :-)
  25. Wendell

    Where is everyone from

    Valparaiso, Indiana