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  1. Stephanie, congratulations on taking a huge first step! I quit smoking last October, and had smoked for around 20 years. It was hard but so worth it!! Once you quit, you can never take another drag again. I used Chantix and it really helped. You just have to be ready to quit. Keep us posted!
  2. I'm totally addicted this time around. It's like all I can think about! I'm only starting week 3, and it clicked around w2d2.
  3. Hello everyone, this is my second attempt. I quit smoking last October, and started the c25k. It was hard and I was coaching my sons basketball team at the same time. Well, I tore my calf during one of his practices, so that shut me down. I'm starting week 3, and I've noticed all I think about is running now. I got smart and bought a really good pair of shoes which helped tremendously. The part I'm struggling with, is pacing myself. I have a hard time running slow! Any tips?
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