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  1. Welcome Tara! Good for you to just get started! Keep us posted and good luck!
  2. My biggest tip to you would be no matter how hard it gets, don't quit. You CAN do this!! If you're getting too tired during the running segments, slow down. No shame in that. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. Wendell


    Good job!! Whatever you do, don't quit. And there is no shame in running slowly. Pace is the trick to getting through it. You've already taken the hardest step by beginning!
  4. Wendell

    Day 1

    Good luck!! Quit smoking a year ago....best decision I ever made. It was hard, but worth it....haven't looked back.
  5. Way to go Sean!! You nailed it on the head. It's hard, but so worth it! I have two weeks to go in the program, but it's opened up a whole new world for me.
  6. Nash, you've already overcome the biggest hurdle. You made a conscious choice to help YOURSELF and do this! Well done!!!
  7. W6d1 was just one of those "off" runs. Bad planning, couple days of bad eating, and the treadmill kicked off on me AGAIN. Ran out the door and down the street for the last 15 minutes or so. Way colder out than I thought, and about froze my fingers off lol. I'll be re-doing this one tomorrow.
  8. Wendell

    Day 1

    There is some really good info on shin splints under the injustices section.
  9. Wendell

    Day 1

    I'm betting there are lots on here who really struggled at first, so keep your head up! You've already completed the hardest step by getting off the couch. My suggestion is to get a really good quality pair of running shoes. They're expensive, which will give you incentive to make sure you use them. If you can't complete a session, go slower. If you run slower than you walk it's ok, you're still running! If you struggle with a session, repeat it until it feels comfortable. Just don't give up!
  10. I have Sauconys too, and they are so comfortable
  11. Ruthie, that's so great!! Great shoes are incredible. They make such a difference. Best thing I did was turn my phone over in the case so I'd stop looking at how much time I had to go still. Too hard to do while running lol.
  12. Back to week 6 day 1 for me :-)
  13. It was incredible! It was also reeeeally hard not to take off like a shot and blow my pace out of the water. I found a guy about 1/2 mile in who ran at my pace and kind of just stuck to him. Until I had to walk anyway lol.
  14. Thanks Anne, Happy Thanksgiving to you!
  15. I survived! It was pretty wonderful. Hard, but wonderful lol. I had to walk for a minute at about 2.2 miles, and for thirty seconds just under 3. I have work to do, but happy I did it. My time was 33:32.3, which I had a quiet secret goal of 33 minutes. I'll take it.
  16. Thanks everyone! I'm up and having my one cup of coffee. Excited/ a lil nervous. 46 and drizzling rain. Perfect!
  17. Wendell

    Day 3

    Every other day is the way to go, especially after you advance and it gets harder. It will give your legs time to heal up. This program will amaze you in that it works but you don't realize it until after you've done it. Good luck and keep us posted!
  18. Welcome to you both! It's really nice you can do this together, makes it easier for sure! Keep us posted on your progress, and good luck!
  19. Sean way to go! Keep messing around and I'm going to catch you lol!
  20. Welcome Charisse, from northwest Indiana! Lots of good people and advice on here, and a great program to boot! I started this crazy thing to keep up with my 14 year old who started running cross country this year and is pretty good at it. I used to hate running, now I not only love it, but I'm almost obsessed with it. Keep us posted on your progress!
  21. But like I said, if I have to walk some, that's ok. My biggest thing is to not hurt myself lol!
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