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  1. I've never been a runner, but don't really have time to walk as much as I'd like, so I'm going to give running another try to increase the intensity of my walk (now run!) time. I'm 41, probably 41 pounds over weight right now, walk semi regularly and bike commute to work 3 days per week. I find running and runners somewhat intimidating. There's all the talk I don't understand and then there's the gear. I have decent shoes I like now, but have even run a bit in jeans when I wanted to sweat a bit on a walk. And I live in the cold upper Midwest, so I am wondering how I'm going to keep it up when it really gets cold. It's been ten years since my last attempt at running. I worked my way up to a mile while I was in grad school in Washington DC area ( such a great place to run outdoors!) but pulled a hamstring and got off track. Fast forward to today with three kids and I'm dreadfully in need of a plan. Hoping easing into it with this program will help me avoid injury and keep it up!!
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