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  1. I'm gonna go back and do it... It was an accidental miss, guess I just moved it over one messing around with it...
  2. So in fooling around with the app, I guess I accidentally skipped week 2 day 3 and didn't realize it until halfway thru week 3 day 1!!! So I just kept going and finished the workout... Should I go back and do the skipped day next time???
  3. Not in pain per say... But do have soreness... I wear a really good running shoe now, but hoping to get some new ones this Christmas...
  4. I just completed the second week second day... Before I started my workout I was sore in my shins a little... So I decided to walk a 1/2 mile before I started my workout to get my legs warm... I ended my workout going 2 miles...I was on my treadmill walking at 3 ...(I'm assuming 3 mph)... I ran on 3.5... My shins are sore now but it was a great workout... Think I'll continue to walk before I start my workout to get warmed up... My question is, when does your body start building up to less soreness???
  5. Currently wearing brooks...
  6. A little town known as fort olgethorpe, georgia
  7. Thanks kellyann... It worked great!!! I completed the first week first workout just now... Gotta admit, I should've waited another day to get started because I did some running yesterday and was a little sore today, but I just couldn't wait to try it out!!! Gonna give myself the day off tomorrow if I can walk!!!
  8. When I first downloaded this app, I thought I read where you could play pandora in the background... But I can't figure out how to make it work
  9. Thanks... I'm weighing in at 233.2 right now,but my doc says if I can get below 200 I could possibly come off all medications
  10. Sorry for double posting... Not sure how that happened
  11. Hi all... New to this as I just found it about 20 minutes ago...so about me, 42, male, overweight diabetic, haven't done any jogging since high school... Trying to stay away from insulin... Doc is wanting me to walk at least 150 minutes a week... Have been walking for at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 times a week for about the last month now... Just started jogging some... It's my short term goal to just be able to jog a mile fully for now...
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