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  1. I have started using the Workout Trainer app on my days off of running. I have been trying to alternate upper, lower, full and core workouts on each day off but after my lower body workouts my thighs just can't take the running/jogging the next day. Anyone have any tips for this? Is it just that my body needs to get used to it and Should I just push through and run anyways? Yesterday I did an hour of lower body and was only able to run a mile today ( with walk breaks).
  2. Hey everyone. Just want to say "hi". I'm new to this all. Really trying to loose the last 20lbs of weight from baby #5 (who is now 10 months old). And get in better shape. Haven't done any running since my high school cross country 16 years ago. Just finished w1d1 and I'm proud but also a little sad that I only did a 2.04 mile in 30min. Hoping I can stick through this. Not gonna lie, during the jog portions my calfs were starting to burn. With 5 kids under 11 I have a hard time finding time to get in shape.
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