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  1. I Completed the C25K plan running for a full 30 mins. My plan is to do two weeks of speed work and redo the C25K plan with goal of running a 5k in under 30 minutes. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement.
  2. Thanks, Jorge. Appreciate the kind words of encouragement. I completed w8d2 this evening. I attempted to complete it this morning but only ran 1/2 mile before stopping so I walked ran for 3 miles but I was determined to come back this evening and complete it. 2.43 miles in 32.39 minutes at 13:26 mins per mile.
  3. I Completed w8 d1 running 28 mins non stop. The distance was 2.16 miles pace 13:15 Per mile. Not quite 5k ready but progress.
  4. I started week 8 day 1 today. C25K has been a journey.
  5. After two days rest, I Completed w7 day 3. I ran a full 28 mins and covered 2.3 miles. Not fast but Completed the time jogging. Headed to final week.
  6. I completed week7 day 2 but I had to walk part of it so I can re-did it. Although around the full time, i am not running fast enough to run 2.5 miles in 25 mins. It takes me 35 mins to complete 2.5 miles.
  7. Completed w7d1 today after wimping out on it yesterday. I started the work out and stopped yesterday after about 2 mins. I know now that it's totally mental for me. So, today I was determined to complete week7 day 1. I was able to complete it with the added distraction of a pouring rain. Average pace was 12:45 for 2.3miles. Speed work is next!!
  8. I completed w6 d3 today 14:13 pace. Getting slower the longer the run time but continuing to push through. I'll do speed work after I run a full 3.1 miles without stopping.
  9. I ran w6d2 again this evening and Completed it. Much much slower pace but the main goal was to complete the workout -12:23mile per min pace.
  10. I ran the first 10 mins but was unable to run the second 10 min run. Will redo tomorrow. I tried slowing down but did not complete run
  11. Completed w6 d1 with a total 12:30min/mile pace not the 8:30 min/ mile pace but I completed the workout. The C25K app restarted during the first two minutes of the jogging so I started over. So I got about 21mins of jogging in.
  12. I Completed w5d3 20 minute run but stopped with 5 mins left. I walked a few steps then began running. My distance was 1.7 miles in twenty mins(11:46) pace/mile.
  13. I Completed w5d2 today. Not sure about the distance (.75mi) but I jogged the full 8 minutes each time.
  14. I Completed w5 d1 after a rest day. I know it's just mental from here on. Feeling determined.
  15. I just completed the half way point of C25K. I try to run or walk 6 days a week. I'm really enjoying the challenge.
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