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  1. So I've been putting off week 5 day 3 for two weeks now. I repeated the beginning of week five twice and was terrified of failing day 3 and getting discouraged from continuing. I planned on putting it off again today but stepped on the treadmill and felt good and just hit start. I didn't even feel it until minute 17. I thought about stopping but then thought about how I couldn't say I finished it. I ran it out, a little heavier breathing and sore calves but I finished it! If you can do 5 day 2 and are putting it off, stop! It is not bad at all! Not only did it feel great but I finally feel like a runner. For anyone just starting - about 8 weeks ago I had trouble stepping up from 60 seconds to 90 seconds of running at a time. I just ran 20 minutes without stopping. I went 1.4 miles - .4 more than I was expecting. I also run five days a week and my other two runs (besides the regular c25k days) I do a little easier runs, and my "easy" run is now the five minute runs with breaks. At the start I would have said that sounded crazy. This program rocks!
  2. I have a weird problem. I kind of favor my left leg when walking down stairs, have for a while. When I run my left calf always gets a good burn and around my knee it feels really stiff. My right leg feels like it is keeping me taller and I after a while I start to kind of limp run. Also, right at the top of my right thigh/hip I get this weird pinch when I bring my leg forward. I feel this if I lay down and lift my leg up in air as well. It's almost like my right leg is "locked" while my left functions normally. I know this probably doesn't make much sense to someone else but does any of this sound familiar to anyone? It's such a weird thing and I desperately want to know what the deal is or what to do to fix or help it.
  3. So I am on week five day three. On day two, according to my treadmill, I only went slightly over a half mile in the eight minutes. I am also walking less than a quarter mile in the five minutes. Is this way too slow? If I walk the next step up it is really awkward for me...almost like I need to start jogging. As far as jogging for eight I have no trouble but if I turn it up just one more notch it is really intense/can't keep my breath for more than a couple minutes. Should I be working on running faster now before continuing or keep at my current pace?
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