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  1. Thanks Steve and jeshi. I bought a fitbit charge a couple of days ago, but mine doesn't have the gps tracker in it. So I'll have to use something else. I use map my ride for biking, so I'll try mapmyrun the next time I do this c25k. Thanks.
  2. Are there any apps that you guys use to track the distance and the average speed while using c25k app? I'm looking for free ones mostly. Thanks!
  3. I started doing this 5 weeks ago. On top of this, I do general workout all weekdays, just slightly less on the days I run, and bike about 25 miles on weekends. I'm currently on week 3. I've been on that for the last 3 weeks, and all 3 weeks, I've been able to complete it. But the jump to week 4 seems too high, and I'm having a mental block
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