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  1. I just finished week 1 too. I broke 2 miles on the first 2 days and 2.37 miles on the 3rd. Woohoo!!!
  2. I've done the Shawn Johnson stretches. Oh they hurt good. I'm a newbie again though. I also have done "reach and (forgot the other part)" that was tough. I'm running tomorrow for w1d2. I had no issues with day 1. If day 2 is easy too, I'll skip the week 2.
  3. It's suggested that you cross train like yoga or biking, but yes… sort of.
  4. not to push another app, but I use Nike + and Nike training club. C25K is a far better app for beginning runners like myself. The Nike training club has some VERY good cross training programs that range from 5 minutes to an hour. It is recommended to cross train, especially if you have this app for weight loss. No matter what keep up your dedication and I'll see you on race day!
  5. Yes it does, but don't get too cocky. The tough weeks (in my opinion) are 5 & 6. I've done this before. I'm starting over due to not running for a couple of years. Just keep it up and you'll make it. I found that after you finish the program, adding distance is a piece of cake.
  6. If your in the road, run facing traffic. So you can see what's coming on the side you're on
  7. My advice (not a pro) is to go every other and do weights or yoga or the sort in between with at least one day of complete rest. This is what I've been told forever. Good luck.
  8. He would be proud I'm sure. Good luck to you.
  9. Look up chi running. It might be what you're looking for. Good luck.
  10. I read the book "Chi Running" and it taught me to run in a controlled fall. Instead of focusing on the push of your toes to propel you, lean forward and focus on the lifting of your leg to get in front of you so you don't fall on your face. I over simplified it but that's pretty much how they say is the correct way to run effortlessly. It's a decent read and not too expensive as an apple bookstore book.
  11. Just remember, no matter what, you've gone faster and further than everyone that's still on the couch.
  12. I friend requested a few of you on nike+ I'm Michael Bourg.
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