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  1. John C

    New phone

    Hi everyone. Just got new phone. How do I transfer all data please. Up to week 5 so don't want to start again
  2. John C

    Butt pain

    Will do. It seems like I've just recovered from the knee injury. But sick but will come back stronger
  3. John C

    Butt pain

    Have a sharp pain very intense under left butt cheek!!!
  4. John C

    GPs watch

    Should have the functionality on here. It would be amazing!
  5. John C

    GPs watch

    It's amazing kellyann. Very accurate! I just need some friends who use Nike+
  6. John C


    I swear by karrimor tempo 3 control. I over pronate slightly so have a good set of insoles too
  7. John C

    Week 3 day 2

    Thanks trish:)
  8. John C

    Week 3 day 2

    All completed. Did a new PB. Averaged 10 mins per mile
  9. John C

    Week 3

    Day 1 complete. Amazing how your breathing regulates itself. Didn't run the quickest. Ave 11.45 mile but feel accomplished. Will work on speed later! Keep it up everyone
  10. John C

    Week 2

    all done. Feeling good
  11. week 2 day 1 again. Started again after knee injury. Feels far better. Doing strengthening exercises
  12. John C


    anyone use nike+ to add friends??
  13. week 1 day 1 done again. Feel strong. Got to week 3 then injury. Took 2 weeks off and now re visiting first 2 weeks. Doing knee strengthening exercises as part of my warm up.
  14. John C

    GPs watch

    i have just purchased a nike+ tomtom watch and although recovering from knee injury, I have been for power walks and I am well impressed! Nice piece of kit!