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Hi Emmalee,   Congrats to you.  You can so do this!   Do not ever worry about it if you cannot finish, you are doing great and lapping anyone on the couch.   Good Luck!!!   We are all here for you

I'm starting today when I get home from work. This has been a trying year for me, as I was diagnosed in Feb with breast cancer, so I'm getting back to "normal". I plan on taking my dog with me for com

Hi KellyAnn I wasn't able to complete the entire 30 mins but I feel like I did great with what I did complete.

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I'll be starting today just need a shake for lunch first. When's a good time to eat (shake) prior to running? I'm not much of a runner and I haven't been to the gym in over 5months. However, I've decided to complete three races for 2015 - Tough Mudder in Whistler for the month of June. Mud Fun in Red Deer in August and finally the Spartan Race in September. Any ideas on other training tips to get my body marathon ready?! TIA :)

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I started today... My first attempt at exercise in over a year following surgery. Any indication what speeds this should be done at to ensure 10k is achieved at week 14? I walked at 5.5 and jogged at 10.5. Thanks

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Hi Cassiecat,


I'm sorry about your cancer. Hope you are doing ok. Hugs to you. Proud of you for starting this today. I am thinking about you and cheering you on. Keep us posted.


Hi Sharon. Every treadmill is different so I'm not sure how fast yours is. Because on mine, I walk at 4.5 and run at 6 and that is fast. So on mine a 10.5 would be road runner, lol. Yikes. I'd fly off of the treadmill at that pace. If you feel like you are running at a good spend, then it's perfect for you. Proud of you. Keep us posted.

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Hi Brenda.


I usually use an app running in the background that tracks my mileage. Start that app first , there is one called MapMyfitness or Runkeeper, etc...., when I tracked it, it was about 1.5 miles I think. Hey, by the way, congrats to you. You are doing great. So proud of you. Keep it up and keep,us posted. Hugs

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