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    I just came back in from the cold. I finished day 1 week1 and I think I jogged slower than I walked!!lol!! Actually doing the work isn't great but the way I feel now is worth it...today.
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    P.S. I too need to lose 100lbs
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    Cherise, I was so inspired by your post that I WILL begin today. I had pneumonia about 4 years ago and was hospitalized for 8 days. I was taking in so little oxygen by the end that just getting out of bed required stopping and focusing on my breathing. Long story short, I was a brown belt in Kenpo Karate before my illness and after my recovery I was a couch potato. Last Saturday I challenged myself to run "all out" as far as I could and I made it 3 driveways down from mine, then it took 8 minutes to get my breathing back to normal. We have a long road to travel, but what else is life but a long road to travel? I'll post again when I've done what I am able to do today and I hope you read it, even if you don't want to post. We CAN make it through the first day, even if it takes us weeks!
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