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Hi my name is Stephanie, I just downloaded the app. I want to start running because I hear it is a good way to get healthy. I don't want to lose wieght as I am already to skinny, but I am really out of shape. I am trying to quit smoking and I know a good way to have a successful quit is to introduce excercise into your life. Health wise I am okay, I have the onset of COPD and my doctor said that I needed to quit smoking and start excerising as I also have graves disease. Because of this I don't have a lot of energy, my doctor said that with excerise I will rebuild my muscle mass and that will help with my energy levels as well. I truly just want to get into shape. I want to feel healthy and like I have energy again. I know this will be hard, but I believe I can do this.

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Welcome, Stephanie! Don't be afraid to repeat days, that's how the app is designed. Also, don't be afraid to run slow, elite athletes actually run at a slow pace in order to run farther. Just get out there and do the first session. It seems intimidating at first. Just tell your negative voices to go away and start the warm up. Using the posture in this attachment has helped me get out of shin pain. 



I used to still all day at work and then come home and sit or lie down until it was time to sleep for over a year. I was very depressed and sedentary. I thought that I was one of those people that couldn't run. It wasn't until I started reading on this forum that I learned that everyone can run and everyone feels they are slow. Running has given me so much energy and freedom that I did not have before. 


I hope you'll share your experience with Week 1 Day 1.

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