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I am running so slow...


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So I am on week five day three. On day two, according to my treadmill, I only went slightly over a half mile in the eight minutes. I am also walking less than a quarter mile in the five minutes.


Is this way too slow? If I walk the next step up it is really awkward for me...almost like I need to start jogging. As far as jogging for eight I have no trouble but if I turn it up just one more notch it is really intense/can't keep my breath for more than a couple minutes.


Should I be working on running faster now before continuing or keep at my current pace?

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Hi Steve, I'm a newbie, but I wanted to let you know I am running and walking at the same pace.


I read that you should be able to talk while running and you should run the slowest pace you can. According to those rules, it sounds like you are pacing yourself correctly. All the advice I've seen on these boards say that faster speeds will come later.


I say you should keep at your current pace.



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