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  1. Focus on endurance first. The speed will come later.
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    I must have a weird running action (if you can call the speed I go at "running"). My left foot always seems to hit the ground much harder than my right, so I end up with pain in my left shin but not my right, and pain in my right calf but not my left. I have to really concentrate to bring my right foot down as forcefully as my left, or to pull back on the forcefulness my left foot hits the ground at. Will this improve as I go further through this and get more used to running? Have only just completed Week 1 Day 3 today/
  3. Week 1 Day 2 done. The jogging bits felt harder than they did on Monday, but I was able to get through the entire workout this time, with only a brief stop to pull up my pants that were falling down. My calves and shins still hurt, even with my new shoes, but not as badly as the first time.
  4. I've always been extremely unfit, and getting worse as I get older. I'll be 41 on Tuesday next week, and I need to get moving soon or it won't be too long before I can't even walk around after my 15 month old daughter. Completed week 1 day 1 on Monday without too much difficulty (other than a few brief rest stops until the shin and calf pain subsided), just going as slowly as I possibly could with the jog while still moving. Bought myself some professionally fitted runners yesterday, and will be heading out for week 1 day 2 this morning (Wednesday here in Australia). I probably shoul
  5. I would do, but we don't have a bath in our small flat, only a shower. I recovered pretty quickly after a brief rest stop each time the pain started; and didn't seem to have any after effects when I finished the workout or the next day. Heading out for Day 2 this morning (Wednesday here in Australia).
  6. Eye of the Tiger has always been a good motivator for me for anything in life. Hopefully it will have the same effect now I've started attempting to jog.
  7. Just stumbled on this the other day. I'm supremely unfit, and thought there was no way I could jog for anywhere near a minute without passing out or spontaneously combusting. I decided to give it a go anyway, because I'll be 41 next Tuesday, and if I don't do something soon, it won't be long before I reached the point that I couldn't even walk around after my 15 month old daughter. Headed out Monday morning for the first time, and somehow I got through it. I tried to go as slow as I could while still continuing to move. My breathing was fine, but I had to stop for a minute 2 or 3 times to res
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