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Lets start at the beginning - Missy's Journey :rolleyes:


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Hey everyone! Thanks for looking in on me! 
A little about me - Female - 34 years old. 5 Foot 5 Inch - Around 16 Stone (Due to be weighed on Tuesday). I suffer pains daily in my back hips and knees, not to mention a lifetime struggle with depression. I know exercise is great for all these issues! A few years ago I was a regular gym goer and loved it, I was getting lighter and my moods were stable but my back was killing me. I was put onto tramadol and naproxen by the Doctor but investigations showed no reason for the pain. Since then my weight has increased and my self confidence has plummeted.
Starting stats are 
Arms 15 Inch
Chest 40 Inch
Bust 45 Inch
Waist 38.5 Inch
Hips 45 Inch
Thigh 30 Inch each 
Calf 18 Inch each 
I am a Wife and a Mother of two (15 year old and 3 year old) Husband works shifts and I work on the days he is off. I am also studying at college three days per week. So lots of reasons not to exercise......but I don't want to see it that way anymore!
Week 1 Day 1 - 3rd Jan 2015
It was dark at 5pm - Which is great! It means no one saw me running down the road like a hippo. Joints seemed OK last night (Not too sore this morning either) my main issues were breathing and a strange pain in my throat. I did not complete all of the 60 second runs but did most of them. It was nice to be outside.

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Missy, great job! The first step is often the hardest. Sorry to hear about all the pains that you have had to deal with, I've been battling back pain for about 15 years on and off, and I know how hard it can be. Hopefully, this program will help to strengthen those areas for you, and will diminish the pain in other parts of your life as time goes on. Good luck, keep us updated on your progess.

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Wow Missy,

I'm impressed with you. Being able to post your bodily measurements, in a coed forum shows bravery and dedication. You may not realize it but your a woman who's (at least partly)comfortable in her own skin. I do the same on my fitness forums but it's a men only forum. I'm no longer self conscious about it though.


Add in that your a mom, wife and pushing for an education. You're a woman chock full of dedication. I'm confident that we will watch those numbers shrink. The only numbers I expect to increase are the size of your smile, your endurance and your confidence.


You have a recipe for success. I'll be watching this one!

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I cannot 'like' anymore posts today ... I've reached my quota!  Made me giggle ... that said ... love all responses - so encouraging!


and Missy ....


"... So lots of reasons not to exercise......but I don't want to see it that way anymore!"


Right on! The beginning of an empowering re-frame!  Geeze, with ALL you are doing I can't imagine exercise NOT being a part of your life - for sanity alone! LOL  Can't wait to see how you continue to re-shape your body; your mind, days and life with C25K!  And really, C25K is a tool only- a great one.  It is what is within each of us that gets us going, and reading what you wrote I can see how driven you already are.  You'll nail this with your innate inner drive to succeed!  So exciting!!  


That said, I'm hoping they find a reason for the pain, AND I am hoping that working out will aid in working out some of that pain over time.


Congrats on W1D1!  

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Thank you all! I believe in being honest and putting it out there. I wanted to post my stats so that I will be honest with myself. I am great at motivating myself at the beginning of a challenge but it does start to wane and I do not have the support around me to push me on - Not my Husbands fault as we are both busy people.


I think I have found that support network here though   :wub:  


Timb113 - I really hope that will be the case! Bad Backs suck huh :(


Azatol - Thank you, you are too kind! I have accepted myself for who I am and I am OK with that, But these change I make I want to make, for me, 


Kellyann - Thank you for the words of encouragement :)


Shannon - You  are a star. I love your enthusiasm. I used to cope with life stresses via the gym when I was an Office Manager - The best way to work through problems! I certainly need that back in my life now.  


Thank you all for your kind words :) Hope your days have been good! 



Well today was supposed to be a rest day, but knowing myself I know I have to do something to keep my motivation. So I took myself off to the gym and had some gentle exercise on the Arc trainer - 5  minutes x2. and 3 mins on the hand bike. 


Today was also my second day of the 30 day plank challenge - 20 seconds does not seem like much but I could not do it.....scary to think I used to do 60 seconds no prob. Also did 40 stomach crunches while I was down on the floor! 


I should have mentioned in my first post I joined slimming world before Christmas - So I am following that on the diet side.


Lunch was chicken breast with mixed veg 

Dinner - Omelette - Onion, mushroom, peppers, chicken with harrisa spices

2litres of water :)

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Week 1 Day 2 - 5th Jan


Well today was not so good..... Went for my run tonight and everything just felt wrong. My calf's hurt, as did shins, my feet felt numb and my left knee was twinging. I manged very little jogging not even a full 60 seconds. I did fast walk but after the success of W1D1 I am feeling bummed out and frustrated.


Got home stuck some sweet potato in to roast and jumped in a really hot bath. Feeling more relaxed now. 


A friend popped round today and bought lunch, very nice of them and I was most grateful but, knowing  my 15 year old was still off school, he bought pizza hut . I was starving so had 2 slices but kept to the thin crust. He was not to know I was watching what I ate.


Today is the start of our No Meat Mondays dinner - A vegan friend gave me a recipe for cottage pie can't wait to try it.


Breakfast - Apple, Melon, Orange - Green tea

Lunch - Pizza

Dinner - Vegan Cottage pie - Carrots, Onions, Celery, Sun dried tomatoes, Green Lentils, Flageolet beans, Mushrooms, Garlic, Rosemary, Cumin and veg stock.

2 liters of water again today. 

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You're doing great! We all have days that disappoint us; how we deal with it can determine how successful we are. Don't let it get to you - one day at a time, one step at a time :)  I hope you didn't beat yourself up too badly about the pizza either...it happens. The important thing is you are making an effort and are recognizing what's healthy for you...and the rest of the day you did great with your food! That cottage pie sounds yummy!

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Hang in there Missy,

It doesn't actually matter if you do 60 seconds of jogging. All that matters is you jogged a second or two more than last time. If not, it was a bad day. We all have them but withoiut the bad day to set a baseline you wouldn't know how to feel so awesome on a good day. It's just about doing a tiny bit better than yesterday. You can do W1 D2 as many times as you need until you nail it and again, each time you repeat it, just increases the joy you will feel when you nail it.


You CAN do this if you want it bad enough. I think you've got fight in ya!

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Thank you sdbeachgirl!


Unfortunately, due to a food prep accident Week1 Day 3 did not happen last night.....


I decided to make some coleslaw to go with my chicken for after my run. Got the food processor out of the box reached back in to get something and my middle finger met a very sharp unused slicer blade. It has gone straight through the top of my finger and the nail. Not very pleasant and very sore. Hope to get out tonight for the run instead :)

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Sorry for your mishap Missy. A little advice on missing workouts.


1) Forgive your self! Life happens, shrug it off and get rocking on your next one ( Or make it up if you want to )

2) Never miss 2 in a row unless it's a real emergency type thing. Missing 2 begins a habbit and not one we want.


Hope you're feeling better soon!!

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