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  1. MightyFez

    Run, Fat Boy, Run

    Thanks KellyAnn.
  2. MightyFez


    Oh, and welcome!
  3. MightyFez


    Make it a priority. Do it before homework or before dinner.
  4. MightyFez

    Hello from Orlando!!

    Good luck Adrivv. I look forward to following your progress.
  5. MightyFez

    Securing iPhone 6

    I bought a Dawise Exercise belt, it fits my iPhone 6+ without any issues. I used an arm band once, but it kept popping off. I like the belt. I don't even feel it when I job. I don't do anything with the headphones, but I have only caught it with my hand a couple of times.
  6. MightyFez

    My first day

    I would like to jump in on this group of that's ok? My first day was Wednesday, but I reset to first day. Will start on Monday.
  7. Yes, you could do that. It is good to have a day in there to actually rest your muscles. If not, your risk of injury does go up, as well as burn out. Rest days are as necessary as workout days.
  8. MightyFez

    reset to beginning.

    Also dbl-tap the first day and it will reset. I just did that this morning, to start week 1 over on Monday.
  9. MightyFez

    Finished C25K!

    Congrats Steve!
  10. MightyFez

    Hi there!

    Welcome weiting06. I'm in the same boat as you. I signed up for my first 5k October 31. Gave myself a training target to hit. Good luck, I look forward to updates.
  11. MightyFez

    Week 1, Day1!

    Well, that didn't work so well. Good luck New Beginnings. I have done the same thing. My first 5K is October 31. Woot!
  12. MightyFez

    Week 1, Day1!

  13. MightyFez

    reset to beginning.

    Settings (gear symbol on bottom of app) > Reset I believe. I am sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. MightyFez


    Hello and welcome. I jUst started using this app 2 days ago. I find the guidance helps a lot. Good luck!
  15. MightyFez

    Heart Rate Monitor ?

    I bought a Wahoo Tickr X and j an verbally with it. It is very comfortable and can be used with and smartphone in tow or not. It is a chest strap, but it is not uncomfortable.