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  1. wishlake- which protein powder do you use?
  2. Lately it's Immortals by Fall Out Boy, but it changes periodically.
  3. Well done, Hoju! Doesn't it feel amazing? I too will read inspirational stories on the forum before a run, it always pumps me up!
  4. Slayed week 7 day 1! Can't believe I'm actually doing this. Ahhhh!
  5. Totally normal to repeat days. If I was following the official schedule, I should be halfway into my 10k training. Instead I'm on week 7 on the C25K. I repeated until I felt comfortable with that week and then I moved on.
  6. Hermes, the exact same thing happened to me. I beat myself up for a while but then remembered it's all part of a journey to a better me. I'm not on anyone's timeline, I'll get there eventually. I finally ran W6D3 the whole way through yesterday. Here's what helped me I think; new playlist & new route. Keep at it, you can do it!
  7. Don't freak out! The weeks prior really prepare you. Also, don't be afraid of repeating weeks. I've repeated to many until I felt confident enough to move forward. You can do it!
  8. Congratulations!!! That must feel amazing.
  9. I had the same issue-did W5d2 for a couple weeks before I ever attempted day 3. Decided to just try it on a whim and bam-I did it. I was slow as molasses but I did it! You'd be amazed what your body is capable of. And if it doesn't work out, who cares? Try again. You'll get there!
  10. great job! And thanks for the kind words of inspiration-completely what I needed today!
  11. Hi all! I started this app the end of April and have been slowly moving along. I've had to repeat weeks and take time off for illnesses as well as a toe injury. I'm on week 6 and can't seem to get past it. I don't want to lose motivation as this is my 3rd time trying this app! I went back to week 5 hoping to boost my confidence. Week 5 day 3 was a b***h but I finally got through it. I haven't been able to run another 20+ minutes since though. Please tell me I'll get past my block?!?
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