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  1. I started to cut soda out of my diet. Goes well for a couple days then I have one. Much better than it used to be, but my goal is to cut it out completely. The harder part for me is sweets. I can't seem to find a healthy snack to make my sweet tooth happy. Any suggestions? Also, I work 2 jobs so there are days I work 17 hours a day or more and feel like I need a bit of an energy boost later in the day. Anyone have any thoughts on replacing energy drinks/soda with a preworkout? Thanks
  2. 100+ pushups per day. That's the goal. Hope I can stick with it.
  3. Hello, Just checking out the forum. I have always loved going to the gym and working out but the last year or so has been rough... anyway I'm just starting to get back into working out from home now focusing a lot on pushups and core exercises and hope to get back into running if this Wisconsin winter ever ends. I also started to cut soda out of my diet and that is going ok. Not perfect, but much better than how it used to be. Now I need to find a cure for my sweet tooth...
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