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  1. My goals for this year: 1. Get under 200 lbs 2. Complete my first Color Run 5k 3.Go to a Comic Con and do my first Cosplay 4. Get my thyroid under control
  2. Hi all! My name is Meggs, and I'm 41 and I have 2 awesome kiddos and a wonderful supportive husband to boot! I had weight loss surgery last February and in 16 months I've lost 80 pounds! I decided that this year was the year I was going to haul my keister off the couch and do my first 5k...I WALKED a 5k back when my son was still a baby, but this time around I want to RUN/JOG most of the course. I also started cosplaying as Gwenage from Spiderman...so I have done and am going to complete a ton of firsts this year!
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