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  1. I finally got active and started C25K. Perhaps I was too quick to jump in and made some bad decisions but here is where I am at now. I just finished W1D2 and I'm still trying to get things set up so all of my stats are tracked and convenient. I am using: C25K App Google Fit My Fitness Pal Polar Beat (with H7 strap) Samsung Health Samsung Watch I am only using Google Fit because the C25K app asked and I figured I could disconnect it later if I didn't want to. But apparently, it isn't linked anyway and Google Fit shows no data. I've read some posts with people asking about the data not showing up in GF, but they got no solution responses. Not a deal-breaker for me, but it is annoying. I am definitely going to keep using MyFitnessPal because it integrates with my health program at work for insurance discounts. My MFP app is connected to Samsung Health and getting my step count but trying to connect from MFP to C25K just launches the app and nothing else. Trying to connect to MFP from C25K by clicking Share brings up MFP, opens a web browser view and asks me if I want to import a recipe. Nope. I tried connecting the two via the websites on a PC but MFP connect button goes to exerciseforpink.com and redirects to zenlabsfitness, and nothing makes sense after that. I think the redirect just drops whatever data was needed... or the whole thing is just broken. I read a help post about getting C25K to talk to MFP through the MapMyRun app. That didn't work. Uninstalled MapMyRun immediately. Seems like a bad idea to keep connecting more apps anyhow, so no loss there... unless it can work. I am using the Polar Beat app with an H7 strap because my health program will not accept heart rate data from Samsung Health. I guess this isn't really a problem or question. Just including this detail in case anyone knows of problems it can cause when using C25K. Then, I tried C25K Pro app to see if that app more up-to-date and would connect (since it's paid for). Nope. Same exact interface as the free version plus there is no way export/import between the paid/free versions. From what I saw online, this is true. So I uninstalled and got a refund. Perhaps I'm being a bit too precious, but I don't want to start c25k over or have an incomplete log. Also, after a workout is complete and you've closed the app you can't go back and share the workout data ever again? Or can you even opt to share it immediately when you're done. Reading things online leads me to believe you can. I guess I'll find out Friday if nobody knows. Then I saw a blog post that there is a C25K watch app for Samsung. I couldn't find it in the Galaxy App store. Not on my phone, not on my PC. Maybe it isn't compatible with the newest watches or isn't there anymore. Does anyone know? I almost hope it isn't because things are already overly-complicated. Also, I tried the C25K Zenlabs music subscription for the free trial. I ended up cancelling immediately because no matter what channel I chose, every song is choppy. Is that on purpose, like a metronome? If so, no thanks. If it's not supposed to happen, I don't know what the deal is. I can listen to other music apps while running without problems so I'm fine with using my own Google Play playlists. But I am curious about the built-in music. Is it helpful? I mean beyond a greater percent chance of sticking with it. I side with the idea that people who are committed to succeed are willing to spend money for convenience over believing people buy into success with money. So, this is a big wall of text. If you made it here, thanks for your time. While I've probably guaranteed to eliminate any chance of someone relating to my experience and problems entirely, I would appreciate any insights into any of the issues I've got. Thanks. I haven't lurked enough to know if I'm flat-out annoying here. I'm just a bit flustered.
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