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  1. Thanks for touching base, Silver Pie! Recently heard that a local running coach/race organizer is starting a weekly evening group run, so hopefully I can connect up with some seasoned runners there to benefit from their knowledge and experience.
  2. How'd it go today? I'm just starting C25K today too. I had my phone in a belt at my waist this morning and couldn't hear the cues very well. Ran out and got an armband for my phone and some wireless earbuds this afternoon. I tested them out walking the dog this evening, but we'll see how they do running on Wedesday. Hang in there!
  3. Hi, C25K folks! Anyone else out there working to improve their running so they can try to run with their kid? I never enjoyed running growing up and didn't really give it much thought when my daughter joined her elementary school's running club several years ago. When her interest in running continued into middle school, I finally started to take more notice. This past school year, when she ran for both her school's cross country and track teams, I started trying to run myself. Though I was originally thinking that we'd run together on weekends, it's a good thing that she has friends
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