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  1. Hello, thanks for the response. Yes strangely I was looking at the Nike app for after the C25K specifically for the coaching and guided runs. At the moment I use my Fitbit charge2 watch to record the run which feeds into Strava after the run so I get all the stats, millage pace heart rate zones etc. Good to know you can run the Nike app at the same time and get audio cues along side C25K during the run. Have decided to concentrate on time right now and think about beginning to run for distance once I can run for 30 mins. Had another question about the Nike guided runs actually, do you know if they give you a halfway cue? Many thanks.
  2. Hi there, Pretty sure this has probably been asked before but here goes. Am looking forward in the app to week 6 and I notice that day 2 gives the option of either time as usual but also distance, question is unless I am running just under 10 min mile pace it will take longer to complete the distance, is there a setting on the app to choose which one to go for or is it just a suggestion and really its all about time. I would like to be ready to actually run 5k and not just 30mins (Although the achievement of being able to run for 30 mins right now is still a big one) Am i missing something? Thanks :)
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