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  1. Great work Mandy! Keep moving forward and if you have to repeat Week 3, it's no big deal. I just restarted D1 of Week 3 today so we're all in this together! Keep up the great work!
  2. As someone who's done several 5ks (walking most of them, and doing whatever week/day of the app I was on the day of the 5k), here's my advice. Between now and your 5k, keep doing the app 3 days a week. If you want, do another week of something else (weights, swimming, bicycling, but no running). Resist the urge to run every day because then you'll put yourself at a higher risk for injury (or burnout) and you won't be able to do the 5k. The week of the 5k, do your normal C25k routine. Do not do anything the day before the 5k. Let that be a rest day. Eat normally the day before, and
  3. I run on a paved trail through a park. I find its more like running an actual 5k. As for the hip pain, definitely stretching before (and after) will help, and perhaps slowing down the jogging portion a little. Make sure you are following proper form - back straight, tuck your core (abs and belly) in, try not to take strides that are too long. If needed, take smaller steps.
  4. At this point, don't worry if you're running/jogging properly or not. Listen to your body - does anything hurt when you start jogging? If not, then you're doing it fine. Are you moving forward when jogging (even if only a little?) Then you're doing it right. As you progress, you will find your natural stride and speed. What worked for me was jogging in place for a bit, then just putting one foot in front of the other once I had a good rhythm going. Keep at it - you can do it!
  5. Good for both of you! Keep up the great work and before you know it, this will be a full-blown (healthy) addiction!
  6. The short version of my long missive is this: Even if you take time off, whether it's a week or month, DO NOT give up on yourself! Your body WILL and CAN recover and you didn't lose as much ground as you might think! Here's what happened to me...February was a rough month for me...really rough. First, I had emergency gallbladder surgery at the end of January. I thought no biggie, I'll be back to the C25k App in a week and can do the 5k I signed up for way back when that was coming up in 2 weeks. WRONG! LOL Recovery from gallbladder surgery took longer than I expected. To
  7. Don't be afraid to run in the daylight, on a sidewalk around your neighborhood, or anywhere! Just think of how much inspiration and motivation you are giving to anyone who is watching. Either that or you're making them feel guilty because YOU are out there running and they're not! LOL At least that's what I tell myself... Daylight, not daylight, it doesn't matter. What matters is you're doing it and for that - awesome!
  8. Congratulations Ricky on making it! You already did the hardest part - starting. Keep us posted on your progress and before you know it you'll be doing 5ks!
  9. Congratulations! The remaining km's will come before you know it. Keep at it!
  10. Great job! When's the next 5k?
  11. I was doing this today, checking my phone ever few seconds seeing how long I had left until I walked. I'll have to try leaving my phone in my pocket next time.
  12. Congratulations on finishing Week 3 Day 1!! I Just finished Day 2 of Week 3 so I know what it feels like. Onto the next day of Week 3!! You can do it.
  13. Chinebo, don't feel like you HAVE to move onto Week 3 just because you finished Week 2. Repeat Week 2, feel more comfortable doing the 90 second jogs. There's nothing wrong with that. Next, think of it differently. True, 3 minutes IS a lifetime...when you're jogging. BUT don't think of it that way. Find that really hyper or motivational song and just let yourself get lost in the lyrics while jogging. When you think about it, 3 minutes is about the length of a song. How fast do our favorite songs go by? What I learned from this program is that by the time you move to the ne
  14. Hello! New member here and thought I'd give a bit of background and some inspiration to others... If you would have told me 6 months ago I'd be doing 5ks, and actually jogging, I would have thought you insane! Well, maybe I'm the crazy one! LOL I'm 45 and about 100 lbs overweight. Bad knees, former smoker, sedentary day job, and definitely NOT a runner. I HATED exercise, especially walking/running (BORING!!!) It all started because of a 5k obstacle course race I really wanted to do about 2 months ago. I knew I could do the obstacles, but running 3 miles, NO WAY!! I tried jogging
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