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  1. FourAussie, you're overdoing it if you injure anything. Some soreness is normal but use judgement - pain is the forecast to injury ... It's just a matter of how BAD the pain is, where, and how much. I think if I have considerable pain two days after running, I'm pushing too hard. But what do I know... E. Gordon, MD
  2. 60, male and starting over after surgery and several months of overeating and only walking 2-4 miles/day. The similarities between male and female in this realm FAR outweigh the differences. You can do it if I can! And vice versa, so please don't stop :-) Diet is essential because I can negate all my exercise in one stupid meal. MyFitnessPal makes it effortless to track total calories - I can eat anything from anywhere, sit-down rest. fast food rest. or home cooking and it knows the calories. Then C25K updates it - posts directly into it- all for free.
  3. Rather than random opinion or beluga, I look for facts. Articles in Peer-reviewed medical journals, such as New Engkand Jourbal if Meducune, Journal of the American Meducal Association and Lancet are my trusted sources, along with trustworthy websites like the NLM.NIH, Mayo Clinic and CDC.GOV are my sources. The only study I recall found no benefits from stretching. I conclude its a waste of time. OK I'm ready for the backlash but please, quote your source of EVIDENCE along with your opinion/belief
  4. Mind over matter! I bet these tips work! I'll try it but for right now I'm struggling
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