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  1. Thank you for your response. Only light weights though right? If I go heavy, i'm assuming that's when I might bulk?
  2. I have slightly chunky arms and very large trap muscles (not by choice - I hate them). I'm nervous doing a lot of upper body workouts in case I make them bigger and not slimmer. Any recommendations to slim out the arms but with no chance of making my traps bigger?
  3. I worry about this too. Mostly for my calves. I'm nervous working them out in fear that they will get bigger with muscle. What's the best way to slim down these area's without bulking them?
  4. Heel pain is a very common symptom of plantar fasciitis. This can happen even by simply stepping on a curb the wrong way, so may not have anything to do with your footwear. I got it by walking on the beach barefoot one day. Start icing it down, especially after a run.
  5. I'm just starting up the paleo diet again. I've done this in the past and have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. When I do this I eat a lot of veggies and meat. I always find I have a tonne more energy when I remove grain from my diet.
  6. I definitely can't do any exercising until a good 2-3 hours after I eat. My stomach upsets very easily.
  7. I recommend spotify as well. It's a great app!
  8. Hi KellyAnn, thanks for responding I like squeezing lemon into my water, but I won't put a wedge in it (don't want the chemicals from the peel in my water). I also do this with grapefruit. Drink vinegar?? eeeeee I don't know if I could do it. I will sometimes put a tiny amount of apple cider vinegar in my water, but just a very little. I was mentioning this to a woman at work yesterday, and she said her naturopath just got her on a bunch of minerals and she said it has already made a huge difference (only after 2 days) with her energy levels. Hmmmm. It's in liquid form which she said she does add to her water. I haven't gotten more details as to what minerals they are, but i will.
  9. I posted a link awhile back on the products I used to treat my foot...but don't remember the thread. I'm always a little nervous of posting links, but I really do want the world to know, as it got me back walking without a limp. Here's info about metatarsalgia and what I used: http://kingbrand.com/Metatarsalgia-Treatment.php?REF=46PV179.254 It took me a month and half and it's never come back I used the ColdCure Foot wrap and BFST Wrist wrap (easier to wrap around that area of foot), and I taped it for 2-3 weeks. Wishing you all the best!
  10. Is it painful as well after your run? or just tight? Tightness and stiffness usually mean a lack of blood flow to the area and pain usually indicates inflammation. Most of the time the two go hand in hand. When an area becomes inflamed, a lot of the blood flow to the area is hindered. Ice after your run to make sure your body can supply the necessary blood flow it needs to heal.
  11. Good to hear All the best going forward.
  12. I've done strict low carb diets in the past and do try to live by it everyday. When doing it strict, i've lost 7lbs in a week. I bloat very easily and very badly with grains and typically with just heavy carbs in general so I find reducing the amount very beneficial for me. The only thing I struggle with when strictly doing no carbs, is my lack of energy. Any advice to balance that out?
  13. On the topic of water consumption....i've just heard recently that if you aren't adding in the right minerals then our system just flushes it out (as oppose to keeping any to nourish our body). He said that if you pee a lot you are just defeating the purpose. What do you guys think? I always seen water consumption as a detox/flush so this made sense to me.....but now i'm thinking about minerals. Any thoughts on this? I know nothing about minerals.
  14. Any luck so far? Getting some of the pain under control? I went through the same thing so know what you are going through. Pain anywhere on the bottom of the feet is terrible.
  15. Pain under the ball of the foot is typically 'metatarsalgia'. Resting your foot on a cold compress will help a lot with easing the pain and drawing down any inflammation. Do this especially after being on your feet. All the best
  16. I'm quite heavy as well and get really bad cramps, and I'm definitely a believer in how exercise does help reduce the cramping. BUT, with your back pain being the reason of you feeling like you are going to pass out, I don't think I would push working out during. If it was just cramping, I would say yes, but with back pain so severe, I'm thinking the extra strain may make your back feel worse.
  17. Does anyone do dry brushing for detoxing? What about oil pulling? I've read about each but haven't heard from anyone who has actually done them.
  18. I used what is called KB Tape. It is medical grade and is bio-compatible with no toxic glue/adhesive. I have sensitive skin so that was something that interested me. http://kingbrand.com/KB-Support-Tape.php?REF=46PV173.254
  19. At this point I would only ice after activity (even your walks). You want to make sure you get down any inflammation that might arise from being on it, but you also don't want to be constantly constricting the blood flow (now that the initial staging of icing is done). Have you thought about maybe taping the area for extra support?
  20. Plantar Fasciitis occurs when the thick band of connective tissue (a ligament) on the bottom of the foot, the plantar fascia, is damaged from being over-stretched or over-used. Repetitive stretching and straining can cause small tears in the fascia, making it very painful to even just stand. These tears can occur anywhere along the fascia (from heel bone to toes), but most commonly occur at the heel. Common symptoms are pain and burning underneath the heel and sole of foot. Some feel it behind the heel as well. Plantar Fasciitis is the most common ailment to effect this area. My recommendation is: You want to get a good cold compress on it to get down as much inflammation as possible. You want to do this especially after any activity that might strain the area (even walking). If the area is inflamed, it prevents nutrient rich blood from circulating, which is what we need to heal. I also recommend taping the foot as much as possible during your recovery. Taping gives support and also helps reduce the chance of re-injury. To help increase mobility and and reduce the pain and stiffness, focus on things that increase the blood flow (but with minimal strain). I recommend treatments that don't require a lot of exertion in being able to do so. Things such as massage therapy, ultrasound, BFST, acupuncture, etc. These types of treatment give you the nutrients and oxygen you need to heal but reduce the risk factors involved with a lot of physical activity. I suffered from Morton's neuroma and Metatarsalgia (which is pain under the ball of foot and on the pad underneath the 3rd/4th toe) so I know what you're going through. I limped for 8 months before I started my treatments. It took me a month and a half...and i was healed. I didn't do any stretching at all. I did cold, taping and the bfst. I wish you all the best!
  21. I think that sounds amazing! I absolutely love that idea. Thank you for sharing I can never find people I now who want to get into a work out regime with me, so this might be the thing for me
  22. I would definitely wait until that pain subsides. Pain is a pretty good indicator that the area is inflamed. I agree (above), ice it and elevate it. And really try to rest it as much as you can. You don't want to overdo it and cause more damage.
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