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  1. Wk5day1 for over 1 week and I can't seem to passed 5mins run. It is so hard for me. It seems like I ran out of breathe and energy when I passed 3mis run. For those who made passed wk5, congrats guys congrats!!!
  2. Thank you. Is there something I can do to prevent further heel pains?
  3. Hi Everyone! After Week 2 Day 3, I noticed my inside heel feet is sore. This is the first time my heel sore. Just wondering, am I not wearing the right shoes ( I didn't go get my feet measure for a sneaker ) or I am already injured? Thanks in advance, Cindy
  4. Thank you, guys! I went running 1 hour after eating. Learn the hard way.
  5. Hi Everyone, I haven't run for a while. This is my first time training with the app for a 5k coming this fall. But today was my Day 1 and my stomach hurts very bad after the training. I am wondering is it due to my diet or something else. If it is a diet what kind of diet should I follow? Thanks in advance, Cindy
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