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  1. I'm BACK! Took a year off of C25K due to a move, a new job, and lots of other little things. Today I finished my first round of week 2 (I do each week twice before moving on). Happy Thursday everyone
  2. It's been a long time since I last posted. But today was an exceptional day!! When I started training in mid January, I was fortunate to find two ladies near my age and in the same shape! Winners at being couch potatoes. We all live in different states, but communicated almost daily, our struggles and success as we advanced through the 8 weeks. We all believe that if we didn't have our little group we would have given up at some point. But having others to be accountable to got us to where we are today! Yesterday we traveled from different parts of the country and meet up in Chicago and ran the Rock 'n' Roll 5K together. I so wish I could post a picture of us at the finish line!! Hey Torus!!! Still going strong!! Good to see your posts!
  3. After a pretty long hiatus I got out this morning and ran 5 miles.
  4. 5K on treadmills yesterday got my speed up to 3.7 MPH with several sprints at 4.0 MPH And 2.1 mile power walk at lunch today, with an awful hill! Managed to keep the 3.7 MPH pace. slowly my speed is increasing
  5. Ran my first official 5K last night in Austin Tx, a great first! Foam Glow 5K, was not officially timed but such fun! My timing was also so much better than my usual and what I expected by nearly 4 minutes !!!!. Especially for all the hills on this course. I guess running with a pack makes a difference in speed
  6. Day 3 week 10 ran 4 miles. Tomorrow I'm moving on to 4.25 miles
  7. The only quote of Nixon's that I can recall is... "I'm not a crook". Ran 4 miles today.
  8. I run with a slim fanny pack (to hold my phone and keys) and tuck the water bottle in the back using the belt to hold it. And before I had the Fannypack I just used to put the bottle in my back using my pants to hold it.
  9. Good job Michael! I'm up to running 4 miles. BTW I'm 54 and 60# over weight, and if I can do it most anyone can
  10. No more excuses Michael!! Get at there and do it! It really is quite easy! This coming from a 54-year-old overweight mom of 4.
  11. You can do this! I started the app Mid January, finished March 16th. When I started I was 230# and finished at 215. I personally did the program 6 days a week until week 7 when I went back to three days a week. I have friends that have repeated weeks when they felt they weren't ready to MoveOn. Just keep it up and you'll feel great at the end of the eight weeks! quote name="Badjenetix" post="17708" timestamp="1459914910"] Nice Kellyh1970! I just did my week 1/Day 2 workout this evening. Lets keep going!
  12. Torus I love your quote!!! Keep it up you will get there!
  13. I don't like the walk breaks with Week 9 either. On day three I decided to run 3.3miles. I'm gonna increase each week (by .15-.25). My main goal is to make it through a 5K with extra "go power" at the finish line instead of being all spent up.
  14. Doing my own thing for W9 D3 to get me beyond a 5K... Jogged 3.3 miles. Official 5K in three weeks and I want to be up to 4 miles runs by then.
  15. Torus, Losing more pounds is the whole reason I use this app. I'm now at the point where 2.5 miles is easy 3.1 is pushing myself. So I'm hoping that as I progress with 10K, at some point 4 miles will be easy and 5 will be pushing myself. At that point the 5K may be a piece of cake
  16. Today I Started working towards the 10K, W9D1 is in the books. 4 weeks till my first official 5K and Over the past few weeks I seem to have lost my mojo to get out there and "DO IT". Moving on to the 10K to make my self accountable to do the minimum of 3 days a week. How ya doing Torus?
  17. So today I decided to power walk yesterday's 2.5 miles. I did it in 43 min 32 seconds. That's 1 minute and 45 seconds faster than yesterday's run. My average heart rate walking was 130 compared with yesterday's 140. My target heart rate at 85% is 140 So I'm wondering which is better, walking a faster pace or running slower but being at the 85 percentile target heart rate. I would appreciate any experienced runners giving me their opinion. Catherine
  18. My last sentence should've said tone and definition! The same applies in the gym, as running in your neighborhood, get out there and do it and pay no attention to any onlookers!!
  19. This is the advice I gave another member back in late January. " I am a female... 5'4" and in the 230's and I run in my neighborhood. I really don't care what anybody thinks when they see me pass by. In fact I really get more positive feedback and no negative feedback (people wave at me as I passed by and one gentleman even shoutout I was doing a good job). I would encourage you to run in your neighborhood and not worry about what people people in your neighborhood might be thinking in their heads. As my husband would say "what do you care what they think, do they have any influence in your life you should only care about the people in your life what they think" and I'm sure that they would think getting out and getting yourself physically fit is great!" I lost 15 pounds at the end of the 8 weeks and have done and definition in my legs that I have never had before. That beats any thing on onlooker might think of me!! Good luck to you!!
  20. Congratulations on quitting the cigarettes and your decision for a healthier lifestyle. I started sea to 5K about 10 weeks ago, I was 230# and most definitely a couch potato. I lost 15 pounds and was able to complete the program and run 5K. Just don't give up you can do this!! Catherine
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