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  1. Even in Paradise ! ( On spring break in Hawaii with High school band). I feel so accomplished !! I completed W8D3. 5 of the kids want me take them running tommorow, It wasn't in my original plans but what the heck!! Next week I'm on to the 10K training
  2. I have one in April in Austin and on in Chicago in July. Looking to do one in my neck of the woods in late March.
  3. W8D1 2.75 miles, getting closer to that 5K! Feeling great too!!
  4. I have completed week 7 and feel great! 2.5 miles is tough, and at the 2.1 mark, I was wishing it was over with. I'm hopeful that as I work toward 3 miles next week, that 2.5 well seem easier. Catherine
  5. Every time I moved on to the next week I was certain I would not be able to meet the challenges, but was ecstatically surprised I could. Which gave me great motivation to keep training and not give in. You can do this! You are stronger than you know! Catherine
  6. Thanks Zen Feet! No way!! LOL Since the app said 2.5 miles or 25 minutes, I chose to do the distance. I doubt I will ever be able to do it in 25 minutes! I am hopeful as I continue on training and losing weight that my pace will get faster. Good luck with your training! Will you be moving onto the 10K when you finish the 5K? Catherine
  7. Kelly, I've been stretching after workouts only. So I should warm up, stretch then train and stretch again? If so how much stretching after the warm up?
  8. Completed week 7 day 2 and opted again for the 2.5 mile jog. Today was slightly easier than day 1, but I need to make sure I'm better hydrated for these workout days, I believe it interfered with my overall timing.
  9. Welcome good luck! There are a lot of good people in the community that will encourage you! Keep posting.
  10. catlynk


    Welcome and good luck!
  11. Jogged for 2.5 miles straight! Week 7 Day 1 completed. Today was rough, felt like I didn't have a lot of energy, and was dragging that last mile, and it showed in my pace. But on a brighter note my leg didn't hurt today like it did Friday.
  12. Kat, Email me at catlynk@gmail.com and I'll give you instructions on what app to download so you can join our conversation. We have bonded so well and have been such great encouragement for each other that we have even decide that we must do a 5K together this summer.
  13. torus, Hate that you are in pain! Your workout is still impressive. Today I completed W6 D3 jogged 2.25 miles and I shaved 22 seconds off of my (min/mile) from the last two days of training. Could it be the new running shoes I bought just before I went out today? But, through my right hamstring started hurting and it's very sore right now He is what I'm supposed to put on it right? I'm trying to also to prevent, getting plantar fasciitis again. I had it after Thanksgiving and it took six weeks to heal. I could feel the pads of my feet burning during the last few runs. Any body have any advice? I'm on my second pair of new shoes in the past 2 weeks. The guy at Racket and Jog had me try on 3 different brands, I went with the Asics instead of the Hoka's or Brooks. I'm wondering if the Hoka's would have been a better choice.
  14. Hi guys! Yesterday due to rain I went to the club, for Week 6 Day 2. I chose the first option 10min/3min/10min. Today I got out on a park trail and did the 1 mile-2/4mile-1mile!! I'm amazed at how far I have come in 6 weeks! When early on 90 seconds of jogging intimidated me.
  15. Started week 6 today, cloudy and 70°, I like it better when it's 50° out
  16. Day 1&2 on Week 6 looks easier, but after jogging 20 minutes why does it go back to jogging and walking?
  17. I was nervous about day 3 too and had planned on doing day 2 again before moving to day 3, but I was encouraged by someone here to move onto day 3 and if I had to stop and walk at some point to then call it day 2. I actually did it! 20 straight minutes and it wasn't as bad as I though it would be!! If this 53 year old and 221# mom can do it so can you!!
  18. Torus!! OMG... I DID IT!!!!! My pace was slow, 3.2 but I really wanted to do today without stopping.
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