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  1. A friend loaned me a vest, it's 22 pounds, which is actually a lot of weight. After wearing it I can definitely tell this is not something to run or jog in. But walking is fine. Instructions were to wear for one hour standing up walking around a day. And when I take it off my body is supposed to still think I have this extra 20 pounds on me, and calories at a higher rate. I'll give it some time and see if I see a difference.
  2. Kat- I'm midway through week 5, I'm soon to be 54 years old and when I started this training I was 230# and am now 222# and the day before I started A brisk mile walk took me 19 min and I was also out of breath. I have Never follow through with any kind of exercise ever before until now. It's a challenge I have given myself, (to do a 5K) every day I get out there and do it, I am more surprised that I was able to actually complete the whole 30 minutes. Even as every week adds a little more jogging. The feeling of accomplishment is so motivating for the next day. I also am being motivated by two other gals on this app, we check in with each other every few days. If you would like to join us let me know. Good luck!!
  3. Thanks torus! I'll take you up on that suggestion and let you know tomorrow how I did. Catherine
  4. Very early morning workout, W5 D2 done! I'm gonna do another D2, before I move onto D3. I'm quite nervous about a full 20min jog.
  5. I've read it doesn't have to be a lot of weight, that even 10#'s can cause an increase in calories burned. Besides that I'm wondering if using it during training would make my actual 5k feel easier.
  6. Has anyone out there used a weight vest during there training? Did you see or feel the benefits? Did you use it constantly or intermediatly?
  7. I'm in my fourth week of C25K, when I started I eliminated carbohydrates in the form of "white" foods (flour, rice brown and white, sugar...). And to help speed up my weight loss I decided 3 weeks ago I would give up meat for a while and only eat fish for my major source of protein. With low carb diets, I have tons of energy where before I was in bed asleep by 9. Last Friday a friend came to hang out and we ordered pizza, we ate at 6 and by 7:30 when she left I couldn't keep my eyes open, And had to go lay down. I was asleep within minutes. Pizza is my all time favorite food, but the realization about what it did to my body makes me not want to eat it anymore! Especially with all the hard work and effort I'm putting into this training. Good luck to you!
  8. Hello, I started 4 weeks ago, (over weight over 50) and hooked up with 2 great ladies that wanted to join me in accountability. We post on a private message through another app that is less cumbersome than this one. Your welcome to join us, but I totally understand if you want somebody just starting out ( week one). If interested You can send me a private message with your email and I'll send you the information. Good luck to you!
  9. Woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so at 3:30 I decided to get this over with the day. W4 D4 done!
  10. W4 D2 done, for the first time I use the treadmill. Push myself on the speed just about died at the five-minute jogging cycle. The most I've ever sweated since starting this program
  11. Week 3 Day 6, completed, week 4 starts tomorrow.
  12. Welcom! East Texas here, relocating to the Houston area at the end of the School year. Tomorrow I start week 4
  13. Week 3 day 5 done, had good energy and ran for some of the walking cycle.
  14. Week 3 day4 completed. It was a brisk 49°, a Little chilly at first but in the end it was refreshing.
  15. Completed week3 day3 today, gonna do week 3 for 3 more days.
  16. Completed day 2 week 3 at 5am, I wish I can get myself out of bed every morning I feel so much better when I've done it before work and after work.
  17. I too am female 5'4" and in the 230's and I run in my neighborhood. I really don't care what anybody thinks when they see me pass by. In fact I really get more positive feedback and no negative feedback (people wave at me as I passed by and one gentleman even shoutout I was doing a good job). I would encourage you to run in your neighborhood and not worry about what people people in your neighborhood might be thinking in their heads. As my husband would say "what do you care what they think, do they have any influence in your life you should only care about the people in your life what they think" and I'm sure that they would think getting out and getting yourself physically fit is great! Best of luck to you, BTW I just finished DAY 1 Week 2 and I feel terrific! Catherine
  18. Week 3 day 1 completed, and I am so psyched! I really feel like this program is working and building my cardio endurance. Three weeks ago if you told me I would be running for three solid minutes I would've laughed in your face but today I did it!!
  19. Just finished my 6 the day of week 2. Monday I will start week 3, for you veterans out there should I take tomorrow off? Week 3 looks really challenging with three minutes of running, especially since I'm caring 80 extra pounds of weight and I'm in my 50s. Any advice is appreciated.
  20. JDavis congrats!! I just completed day 5 of week 2 (doing extra days) I'm 54 Years old and 80 pounds over weight. You con do this!
  21. Day 4 week 2 done, today was a little harder than yesterday. It's 10 degrees warmer today, I wonder if I do better in colder temps.
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