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  1. I did this program in January 2016, kept with it all year and ran a marathon in November of the same year. I wanted to continue running, but long story short, I was stuck inside all of 2017 with severe nerve damage in my legs. I now got the all clear from my PT to try running again, so I'm going to start again with w1d1 tomorrow. Has anyone else here tried running after an injury like this? I'm cautiously hopeful... Any tips or advice would be appreciated! thanks! Sarah
  2. My aunt's sister ran a marathon in all 50 states. In 5 years. And she's 59! I'm 33, so I thought that maybe I could do 1. Or at least try to do 1.
  3. What did you eat before you ran? Or if you ran in the morning, what did you eat the night before? Everyone is different, so it may not be related to your diet at all, but it's usually a good place to start 'troubleshooting'.
  4. when I first finished c25k, I was averaging 36:40 for a 5k. I'm now on W13D3 (ran this morning) of c210k, and I've been averaging about 39:00 for a 5k! It seems like this happens no matter how fast I try to run, or even taking less walking breaks. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. I'm pretty slow, too, and just moved on to the 10k. I just went through the whole program, not really worrying about distance - I was just making sure I ran all the intervals. Then, when I finished week 8, I used the next week to run 3 5ks, and ran the distance, instead of focusing on the time. Now I'm staring week 10 tomorrow, and I'm doing the same thing - just focusing on finishing the time intervals. I think you'll be surprised at your strength by the end - keep it up!
  6. I actually just discovered a running belt that has 2 holders for water bottles, and a pocket for keys, phone, etc, but it's super light weight. I've used it 3 times so far, and it's pretty good! I wish the water bottles were bigger, but I'll work on that later.
  7. I ran 5k 3 times last week! Turns out, I'm nowhere near a 10 minute mile - more like 12 minutes and 20 seconds, but I'm doing it! Starting the 10k tomorrow morning - W9D1 here I come!
  8. does anyone run with a water bottle? Or have some sort of contraption that straps one to you? Do people just run while holding it? There is a water fountain on the running path by my house, but it stopped working... Trying to figure out the logistics of staying hydrated on my runs!
  9. Tomorrow is W8D3 - I can't even believe it! I just had to re-read my first post because I still can't believe I made it this far - and feeling pretty good! I'm a little slower than a 10:00 mile, but not by too much. I'm planning to run 5k 3 times next week, and then I'm going to start the 10k app!! I really want to thank everyone here for their support - it was a big help
  10. So how did it go today? You will start to surprise yourself, believe me! Back at week 4, I felt the same as you. I did W8D1 this morning, and ran for 28 minutes straight! I'm a little slower than I should be, according to the app, but I just can't believe that I ran 28 minutes without stopping. You can do it, too!! Mind over matter, keep at it!
  11. That really sucks, but I love your positive reasoning
  12. Don't get discouraged! Keep with the program, and you can build your speed later when your endurance is a little stronger. Trust me, you'll start to surprise yourself!
  13. You must have read my mind... I'm on vacation for a week and was hoping to get some running in, but it doesn't look too likely. I was thinking of running my last day (W6D3) again twice next week, and then continue with my next day, W7D1. Don't get discouraged! Try re-running the last day you did before your break, but slow down a bit and see how that goes. You'll get up to 28 minutes in no time!
  14. Great job!!! I hope I'll be able to say the same one day soon Keep up the awesome work!
  15. Congrats! I did W5D3 this morning - I was also surprised that I was able to do it! However, I could only make it 1.75 miles in 20 minutes, instead of the recommended 2 miles. How has your pace been?
  16. Just wanted to update: I have W5D2 tomorrow, and I'm psyched! I've actually been able to complete all of the running intervals thus far. Slowing down has helped SO much. Hopefully I can work on speed in the next couple of weeks How is everyone else coming along?
  17. Torus is right about the speed. I was having trouble the first week and couldn't run any of the intervals all the way through. But then I reduced my pace (I saw the same suggestion in another thread) and I've been able to run all the intervals since! I'm running W3D2 tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it!
  18. I've been a vegetarian my whole life, AND have a nut allergy, so I've had to get creative with protein. I mix EAS Lean Protein (chocolate flavor) with skim milk, and have it every day for breakfast (available on Amazon). Morningstar also makes really yummy veggie patties that have a good amount of protein. I also make a lot of egg dishes, and throw different ingredients in every now and then to mix it up - goat cheese and bell peppers are my fave.
  19. Thanks everyone! I actually came down with a really nasty cold last weekend and am just getting over it, so I was out of commission for a few days. I'm going to try repeating W1D2 tomorrow, and W1D3 on Saturday. Salamander - how long did it take you to get up to a 13.1?
  20. I did W1D2 this morning, and I can barely run the entire length of the interval. Does it get easier? I can't imagine myself running a whole marathon (which is my ultimate goal - it's in November) let alone a 5k! Just wondering if everyone starts out this way?
  21. I have the same problem. The only way I've found to semi-fix it is to set the 'auto-lock' to never (as opposed to going to sleep after a few minutes) and just keep the app for your entire run. Not ideal, I know. Let me know if you come up with a better fix!
  22. I'm a newbie (about to start this program!) but music seems to be the only thing that gets me amped up. Try these: "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae "25 miles" by Edwin Starr "You Wreck Me" by Tom Petty "B.O.B" by Outkast Yeah, I have a pretty eclectic taste enjoy!
  23. I'm a newbie (about to start this program!) but music seems to be the only thing that gets me amped up. Try these: "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae "25 miles" by Edwin Starr "You Wreck Me" by Tom Petty "B.O.B" by Outkast Yeah, I have a pretty eclectic taste enjoy!
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