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  1. Was just about to ask this, I feel like the heat has been holding me back. Last week I started week 10 of the 10k app and then this week the temp and humidity has shot up, the other day I could only run 22 minutes, because it was so hot out! I normally carry a hydration belt with me that has 2-6oz bottles, but I forgot that day and two days before that, it still didn't seem to help much and I know the heat is only going to get worse. Ugh!
  2. I was just about to make a post about week 9. I just did week 9 day 3 yesterday and it was just as hard as day 1 of week 9. In the first 8 weeks, I found for me that by day 3 it was easier for me to do, but week 9 has been really challenging for me! I think I might repeat week 9 and hopefully it goes better this time!
  3. I agree that I think it's mostly mental, I just tell myself only a couple more minutes, keep going legs, you have to! Lol I also have started wearing a belt that I put my phone in, so I can't look at it 100x during my run, that has helped a lot since I just have to wait for the ding. Good luck and keep going, you will get it!
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    This past Thursday, I finished the c25k app, I wasn't able to run the whole 5k bc I don't run a 10min mile yet. Today, I did a 5k race and I surprised myself and ran the whole thing!
  5. Ik you wrote this over a month ago, but I just did wk5 day 3 two days ago! I was so nervous about that run, but the whole time I just told myself I had to keep going and I DID! When the app said I had 1 minute left, I smiled that whole last minute, I was so proud! Never thought I would be able to do it! Doing wk 6 day 1 tonight, so excited! Lol keep it up!
  6. I've been using the app "rock my run" recently, there is a free version, so there are ads, but it works great with c25k and map my run apps.
  7. I just did week 5 day 2 today and when I got done, I realized if I went by distance I should of done 2.5miles. Then I realized that by the end, it assumes you are doing a 10 minute mile, I am doing about a 13min mile. If I don't get faster by the end (which I assume I won't, bc I'm just focusing on doing it), should I just continue by extending each run by a minute or something until I get to 3.1mi? Thanks!
  8. Did week 5 day 1 this morning! It went much better than I expected.
  9. Did week 5 day 1 this morning! It went much better than I expected.
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