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  1. I thought you were going to go get fitted and not order online?
  2. Now that my runs are getting longer I should probably not run 2 days in a row huh....every other day?
  3. Now that my runs are getting longer I should probably not run 2 days in a row huh....every other day?
  4. Keep using the app. I am now a firm believer in it. Think about how you were a few weeks ago and the progress u made. It's proven. Keep going with it and you will keep getting better. Just my 2cents
  5. Good job ruthie. I highly recommend ASICS for shoes. I was running in nike's and was having knee and shin problems. When I bought my ASICS all the pain dissappear ed. Good luck
  6. Ruthie. You will. It really isn't as bad as our mind thinks it will be....I actually almost went a little bit more. I am really happy with my pace also. Won't post that because I do not believe people should worry about how fast other people are doing it... but I do use map my run to check my time/mile. Thank you Anne and azatol. Anne I look forward to reading about your experience. Ruthie. Make sure we here about yours also. Jeshi. We're on the home stretch
  7. Atamell. I did my run this morning. After the w5d2 run I was nervous. Going from 8 to 20 minutes I thought there was no way. But I completed it. In the accountability section I have been writing in there. It's titled w2d1. I do believe it really was a test of your mentality. Now that I know I can do the 20 minutes I feel anything is possible
  8. Woooooooohpoooooo. Everyone. That is me yelling at the top of my lungs. Anne Lang. I DID IT....the amount of joy over whelming is amazing. 4 weeks ago I could barely do 60 seconds. I just ran 20 full minutes. Thanks for all encouragement everyone. Woooooohooooo
  9. Atamell. Have you ran the 20 yet. I'm doing it first thing in the morning!
  10. May not even be close to the problem. But how much water do u drink a day...I know I might be a little excessive but at first I was not drinking a lot if water and I was getting headaches when I ran. Now I drink a gallon a day and I feel better than ever. Sounds weird but I actually carry my gallon jug with me everywhere. Another accountability tool. I know that gallon needs to be empty by the end of the day
  11. Thanks azatol , jeshi. Will do it first thing Wednesday morning g
  12. Just now finished w5d2. And boy. I can't lie. I had to push hard to finish that second 8 minute segment.but I did finish the day without error Not sure if I should push on and do d3 or do d2 gain. 20 minutes is freaking me out. Can lie haha
  13. Just bought a pair of ASICS gt2000's yesterday. So much better than my Nike zoom flys. Helped my knees a lot
  14. The shies made a world of difference ...I ran last night and completed w5d1. Knees didn't hurt at all. I am going to return the compression sleeves since I did not wear them and I felt good without them. Save the $40 and take the wife and kids out to dinner. Run went great. Can't wait for tomorrow to knock out d2
  15. Also splurged and got some asics gt 2000 running shoes. They feel a lot more supportive. I don't want my knees stopping me from doing this
  16. Just went and bought 2 compression sleeves with open patella's. Hopefully they help
  17. Week 4 complete. Felt good this morning. Honestly I stopped thinking about my breathing and went in through mouth out mouth and I did much better. I feel like in through the nose I'm not getting enough air no matter how deep I breath. So anyways. I'll keep working on it. Knees felt a little better today. I'm going to go buy some knee compress sleeves today and try them out on Sunday. Jeshi...I'm getting really nervous about day 3 week 5 haha. Right now the 5 minutes feels fine but by the last 5 minute segment I can tell I don't have much more gas in the tank. I'm sure I will be fine. Just anxious....so happy that I've made it this far in the prgogram. I WILL NOT QUIT!!!!! I really do think signing up for the 5k was the smartest thing I could have done. It's one thing that has kept me going. Every time I wake up I think oh I can sleep longer. Then I think about the 5k and know I don't want to walk any of it so I have to wake up and train I've started this program before and I guess maybe just laziness took over. Would only go through week 2 and quit. So I am already well ahead of that......starting to get cold here but I like it. 39 degrees this morning. I would rather deal with the cold though. Happy running everyone. Ps...anyone know if it's possible to change your thread title. Mine is titled w2d1 but I am well ahead of that. And I post here on accountability because it really does motivate me. Can't just leave the thread here in the middle of the program
  18. It was successful. But as I mentioned in my thread. Shin pain is gone completely. But been replaced with minor knee pain. They were irritable all day yesterday...maybe the extra weight I'm carrying hurting my knees. Hope it gets better. Taking today off. Keep up the good work jeshi. You got this now. Your on the down hill slope ...
  19. Cool. Thanks for the confidence boost. I just need to rememv we that 3-1/2 weeks ago 60 seconds was tough
  20. I don't know what's going on with me but I like it. I woke up at around 2:30am to get a drink and you know. Before I went to lay down again I just got the sudden urge to go run. So I threw some sweats and my trainers on. Went and knocked out w4d2. Yeah. Jeshi. How did u feel right before transitioning into week 5. Going from 5 minute segments to 8 minute. Nervous...or was it all good....I followed much advise I have been given on here and ran tall with the invisible string over my head...also looking forward and not at my toes. Shins feel great now...but been replaced with minor knee pain each stride. Thanks everyone. Oh one last question. Everyone's "cool down" is it just walking. Or is there more too it. I always finish walking then stretch before getting back in my car
  21. Awesome jeshi. Glad it worked out. I have heard that the w5d3 really is just to show you that it is mind over matter. And you proved it was. Good for you Now anything is possible. I mean "come on" you just ran a full 20 minutes. Happy running. I'll be there next week. W4d2 tomorrow morning
  22. The midfoot strike did help. Just sore right after the run and not later on through the day. When I was heel striking I was hurting all day
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