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  1. Was nervous but dominated my W2D1 run. Super excited. Can't wait till Wednesday for D2. Can't wait for my first 5k. Drinking a gallon of water a day. Eating healthy. Trying to change my life...good running everyone
  2. I just finished week 1. Starting week 2 tomorrow. I signed up for one that takes place 12:10 am January first. Supposed to be the first 5k of the year here in arizona. Looking forward to it. Hope I can make it through the program.i am excited and I do feel it gave me something more to work for... Good luck
  3. Sorry. January 1st. I shouldn't need to worry about racing right. I can just go have fun and finish the race? Please feel free to look it up
  4. Already done. Signed up for it this morning. 26th annual Midnight madness in arizona. 12:10 am on January 2nd. So first 5k of the year 2016 in arizona. Should be enough time to get ready. Week 1 was ok. Definitely not easy Start week 2 tomorrow. BUT I'm going to give it my all. Thanks
  5. So I just started the program. Hard but doable first week. Really motivated.. I am doing this for all sorts of reasons. Wondering if I should sign up for a 5k about 3 months from now. Just to give myself the extra boost of motivations. Thanks everyone.
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