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  1. Great job for continuing and learning your body. Keep it up and best of luck!
  2. I was so dreaded starting week 2 because I had already convinced myself that I was not ready for Week 2 despite my success in week 1. What the heck, let's try I say. Then if I can't then I'll just do week 1 interval. I'm feeling So good right now cause I breezed thru my first day of Week 2!!! Its a mind thing and I got to believe in myself. I'm glad that I completed and didn't give up. Yes, I'm determined.
  3. I just finished too and it feels liberating!!!
  4. Good Luck!!!! Eat lots of protein in morning and a banana for energy and no cramps. Congrats!!
  5. Wow. I mean, wow. The first day I felt like my body was screaming Sttttoooppp!! And today, my body was like Ggggoooo!, let's do one more round. Wow. I really focused upon my breathing this time (I used the link shared before) and it made a difference. I felt less tired and the minute not too long..but was still ready for minute to end lol. I'm not sure how next week will go but I'm looking forward to next challenge, the next push, the next accomplishment. First week completed ✔
  6. Looking forward to the day when I can say the same. Congratulations
  7. I was sooo dreading my run today. Even tried to find a friend to go with me! But I said, no, you got to do this for you - with or without them. So I ran, each interval. And tho I'm tired and aching, I couldn't be prouder of myself. I'm 292lbs, 33 yrs old, and never been this heavy in my life! Not even pregnant. This is MY time and I want to do this, for me!
  8. I was exhausted yesterday too. Took a shower to relax. Today, was day 2, and really wasn't into it, but I did it. So keep pushing thru and we can get thru together!
  9. I completed Week1Day1 yesterday and looking forward to Day 2. It was tough but I have to keep moving. My health has gotten away from me and I refuse to go into the holiday season at my current weight of 292!! I wasn't this heavy during pregnancy. I'm self motivating and no running partner. My husband works a lot and hates running. So fingers crossed that I can do this! Planning to run a 5K in Nov..did i say run, I meant jog!!! ☺
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